Freak The Mighty The Movie

Author-Rodman Philbrick


A boy named Max a tall and big ,but has an learning disability and Freak/Kevin a very smart, short,and weak boy meet and first Max is scared but then become best friends.Max and Kevin go on many adventures for example finding a purse in a storm drain and running from bullies. While Max is going through living life without a dad and mom and low self esteem. Max and Kevin go through a major transformation .


The story takes place in Grim and Gram's house . The down under which is Max's room where he spends most of his time. The setting goes through all the seasons summer,spring,winter,and fall. The breaks , Christmas break,summer break,etc.


The theme of the novel is that two unlike people and people that are opposites can become best friends and teach each other things that you or they never knew. Sometimes things come into peoples lives unexpected. Also people change people.