Monday Message

from Susan M. Hasenauer, Superintendent

Monday, March 15, 2021

Dear Families,

As you are aware, we have been engaging in dialogue and planning for how to safely increase in-person learning time for students at the Middle School and High School level. We made a commitment to do this only if it could be done in a manner that would keep the health and safety of students and staff as the top priority. In addition, we wanted to ensure any unnecessary disruption to our student's instructional day and schedules.

After a great deal of careful planning, I am pleased to announce that the district has made the decision to increase in-person learning for students at the Middle School and High School level starting April 19, 2021, which is the beginning of the fourth quarter. This means that in-person learning days for students who are in the hybrid learning model will increase to 4 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Wednesdays will remain asynchronous remote learning days. Please note that there will be no changes for students who are currently in the full-time remote learning model or at the elementary level.

The start and end times for the Middle School and High School student and teacher days will remain the same and we are working to keep students with their current teachers/support providers and in current courses without major schedule changes to the greatest extent as possible.

Planning and preparation will be key to a successful implementation. Teachers shared with us that time will be needed to shift plans from hybrid to in-person learning. There will also be a need as we get closer to our start date for some classroom locations and staff planning spaces to shift.

  • To plan and prepare, the half day of professional learning/wellness hour for Middle and High School staff that was scheduled for this Thursday, March 18th is cancelled and this time will now be used for planning.
  • Wednesday, April 14th will be a day of no meetings for Middle and High School staff in order to allow more time for continued planning and preparation. Asynchronous instruction will be provided for students and PRIDE will still occur. Office hours and small group instruction will be cancelled on this day.
  • Friday, April 16th will be a day of remote learning for all Middle and High School students in order to allow for final preparation. Asynchronous instruction will be provided for students and PRIDE will still occur.

Developing a plan to increase in-person learning time while keeping staff and students safe is of the utmost importance to us as a district. We are confident that our plan allows us to continue to follow guidelines from Wayne County Public Health and will support more opportunities for academic success and socialization for students.

We want to thank the community and staff for the questions, concerns and ideas that were shared with us. These were helpful as we formulated our plan.

Thank you,


Happy Monday ~ Have a great week!


Sue Hasenauer