Shattuck Middle school

by: Dustin Chapman

web 2.0

over the few months, we have done a lot of projects. I had a lot of projects to do in this class. my favorit project is most likely the room sketcher because we were able to make it how ever we wanted to. Also , we had like a full week of class to work on it. Another reason why I liked it because it was peaceful, I really thought hard on how to make mine.

Shattuck wrestling

I did wrestling this year. I real liked it, because it was something to do. I did really good, for my first year of doing it. i thought it was a great thing that i did. i stayed out of trouble, i kept my grades up, and I learned a lot.

good grades

i got good grades last quarter. I did really good on my math test, i kept up on my school work, and i even went in for help in my free time. i really liked knowing i had good grades. my parents were proud too.


its been a long way sense we started, but i got to say i will miss old shattuck once I get the high school. I will miss all the bad things about this, also all the little good things they have. Like all the drama, getting introuble for being on your phone, and ect. i will miss that.
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we have been reading the bok called the Outsider. it is a really good booj because well it was just so touching in the heart. how a a "gang" helps each other with anything. it tought me how a bad thing cpould turn around by do the right thing.
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