Nord's Newsletter

October 12-16, 2015


We are in Week 6 of Unit 1, so this means it is review week of the skills we worked on during Unit 1. I will be hitting Questioning hard again this week and we'll finish up our personal narratives too. On Friday, the students will take Unit 1 District Assessment on the computers. We have been taking practice tests on the computer for the past few weeks to get use to the format. Even though the reading passage is on the computer, copies of the readings will be given for students to read too. Then, they'll have to answer the questions on the computer. Once the tests are scored by the computer, I'll be able to view specific questions students' struggle with or what areas in reading I'll need to reteach or focus on.

Since Week 6 is review week, no spelling this week.


Division, division, and more division.....that's it folks. We are going to continue to develop an understanding of division. We will practice using number stories to go along with these division problems. Understanding the vocabulary is important for the students. Directions often will ask for the learner to find the quotient or the divisor, etc.
I've included a picture to help with the vocabulary.

IF all goes to plan, we may have Unit 2 test on Friday.


Last we wrapped up our learning over Earth, Moon and Sun. The students had the opportunity to be an "Expert" and share their knowledge on their topic. They were divided into different groups: Sun Dogs, Rainbows,Halos, Auroras, & Why is the Sky Blue. Each group read about their "sun" topic, designed a poster then shared their learning with the class. The groups worked remarkably well together.

Our next unit of study will be Simple Machines. The students will learn about the six simple machines and how we use these machines to make life easier for us.

Sun Experts

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Weekley Schedule

Monday: PE & Kindergarten Buddies

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: PE & going to the PAC in the morning for music rehearsal
~3rd Grade Music Program at the PAC(Urbandale High School)
**Webster Night at Jimmy John's**

Friday: Music
**Picture Retake Day**

**Make-up Art from being missed last yet to set.**