Beautiful Buildings, Chili Weather, and Crazy Cool Activites

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Life Style of France

As you discover France, you might notice how different their lifestyle is to ours, but in the same way how fantastic their culture is.

A tradition in France is that mostly all their foods for breakfast are made up out of butter, cream, egg, or expensive spices. A popular food source in France is bread with butter, cheese, or coffee ( which is drank out of a bowl only in mornings. At lunch they don’t really have a specific type of food they eat, but one things that is very good that I eat almost every day is a crêpe, a crêpe is a type of very thin pancake made from wheat and flour which you could add sugar and jam, or powdered sugar with chocolate and raspberries, and they might also eat soups, salads, or meat.So far as dinner, they don’t eat a big meal cause they have a very tiny appetite, so they just eat a dessert and one kind of dessert they could eat is a, Beignets (Fritter) which is a pastry which has a baked apple inside and you top it off with powder sugar.

So far as clothing goes in France, the French don’t have a really different style of clothing, but what they usually would wear on a daily basis are suits, long coats, dresses,scarves, and berets.

The French language or the romance language (which i don’t understand cause my grandparents yell at each other in French and it doesn't sound so romantic), was created by the Latin’s , the language of the Romans in the 17th century.

Before all the fun music was played, the French would play classical music on instruments, and perform in auditoriums or in the streets for fun.
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Enimes to Allies

Many harsh wars have been fought in the past, which had brought so many countries together and had turned them from enemies to allies!

In 1337, the king of England, King Edward the III, claimed to be the King/Ruler of the french's country country, the french did not like that, when the French knew he called himself king of their country, the french went into immediate attack with England. Many year later, they both were in peace with each other and became allies. A fighter,( Napoleon) fought about 60 wars and out of all these wars, he and his country only lost 7, including the French Revolution which was caused from King Louis 16th, because of his inability to deal with food shortages, life conditions, and religion intolerance (not accepting beliefs), which had started and ended throughout 1789 to 1799.

A different war with the U.S. was caused from the U.S. having things they French didn't, so the French were trading with the U.S. and i guess at the US didn't want to trade anymore, so the French definitely got their revenge on the U.S. with war.

Although so many wars have been fought with different countries, but without the war, things wouldn't be the same as they are know, and thanks to the wars France wouldn't be allies with the countries they have fought with.

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Constructions, to Buildings

If you ever…. and I mean ever take a pit stop in France, you have to check out these amazing places and not just the Eiffel Tower!

I’m going to start with the Eiffel tower because mostly everyone should know what that magnificent tower that was started on January 28, 1887 by Gustave Eiffel and French engineer and architect. The Eiffel Tower is made out of iron lattice, which is in a shape of a diamond. The Eiffel Tower was built for the International Exhibition of Paris in 1889 and was built as a symbol of the French Revolution. In 1889 the King of England, King Edward VII, had opened the tower on March 31, 1889. Now today, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Did you know that Paris has their very own Disney World? Well if you didn’t you do know now!! Instead of just flying all the way from Paris to California, you can just take a 20 minutes drive to Disneyland. Disneyland in Paris was built in April 12, 1992. In Disney land in France is exactly like Disneyland in California with all the same rides, and games, and food. One of their most popular ride is Splash Mountain (A water roller coaster).

Now for more of a learning spot, The Muses de Louvre or also called Louvre Museum

. The Muses de Louvre is the largest monument in France, designed and built by the time being king of Spain, King Philip II. This museum has the very famous “Mona Lisa” by the Italian painter, Leonardo da vinci. This building was originally built in 1190, but was reconstructed in the 16th century. This exhibit is fully displayed with many different types of art works.

If you're ever in France, don’t just visit the Eiffel tower because it’s not as interesting as people make it seem like how I tried. Visit something more fun, and exciting.

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Places to Be

Discover many amazing landmarks you have to check out!

The Pont des Arts, is a pedestrian bridge in Paris that crosses over River Seine. The Pont des Arts cause designed and built by Louis Arretche, built in 1801. This bridge was nicknamed “ sweet heart” cause it is the most beautiful spot in France, so being called “sweetheart” anyone who walks by is allowed to put a lock on the bridge. The locks are on the bridge to symbolize unbreakable love.

Another type of water bridge,The Millau Viaduct is a bridge made out of cable. This bridge was opened on October 16, 2001 opened, designed, and built by Norman Foster. This bridge is built over River Tarn.

Notre-dame de paris, is a historic Cathedral on the eastern side of Paris, architected by Peter of Montereau, Jean-Baptiste-Antoine Lassus, and Jean de Chelles, this cathedral was finished in 1272. The Notre-Dame cathedral is built on top o Île dela Citéf , a small island. In 2005 over ten thousands of people have came to pray in the cathedral.

The Palais Garnier is a famous French opera house, built in 1861- 1875. The opera house has over 1,000 seats. In the opera house there are multiple levels, and the very top of the opera house is called a chicken coup, and the weird thing is at the top you can’t see the performance which the people I guess they talk to each other or something else is going on up their. The opera house is now used for ballet performances.

Even though there are buildings that are over hundreds of years old, those famous landmarks are still visited by 1000's of people every year

Seasons Changing

In France,it is not usually warm, or sunny, but when the French don't complain because in France it is very cold, so when the French have a day of heat they don't complain on how hot it is, they completely enjoy it by going to the pool, or spray each other with water The French are very happy when it is hot cause most of the year the weather is mostly cold so when it is hot, mostly the temperature is 85-95 degrees even though it’s not hot, it’s hot for them. The temperature last to about April-July. As the year is more fall/winter there, the type of weather is rain, but mostly snow for about 9 months out of the year. In October, the temperature range is around 60-70 degrees with constant rain. A tip from that if you ever go to France, go in the middle of France and not the edges of France, cause in the middle of France, it has the best weather through out the whole year.

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