Newsletter #6


What's up May !

It' May! A month that we look forward no matter how were your April doing. Be strong, keep your head up and let us recap what's happening on us during April.
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Local Leadership Development Seminar 2016

How do you feel?

This was a very exciting moment where we meet someone new and make friends with them. It is also enhanced you to become a better person in the future.

What is LLDS???

LLDS is a conference where all of the members from AIESEC in different department join this 3-days 2-nights conference. But this LLDS only focusing in Local Committee in Johor Bharu and Specialize Unit in UTHM.

In this conference, we were introduced what is AIESEC by the facilitator once again, knowing our purpose joining AIESEC, our missions in this term and a lot more. Besides that, we also learned about stress management, effective communication skills, crisis management, and LC stimulation.

You know, we have learned something new, something that we didn't aware about, something that we thought is a small matter and learned how to develop leadership skills in our-self. Wait, do you thing that LLDS is a serious and formal event? It isn't. We were having so much fun during LLDS. We danced a lot. Danced a lot??? Yes, we are. We were dancing our roll call dance from other countries just to have fun. This is fun about AIESEC, we have roll call dances.

I am sure that you now a little bit about AIESEC now.

Exchange Participant Recruitment Drive (EPRD)

Are you excited about going exchange and volunteering abroad? Now here is your chance to take part in this program. This month, we already started our booth and recruitment for those who are excited and want to take part in this July exchange program. In this exchange, with that comes with a number of projects at different places. Not to mention, you will be working voluntary with different youth from differents part of the world. How excited is that?

During this exchange program, you can learn about the country culture, the way they communicate, and you also can learn about their lifestyle. From these kinds of experience, you can learn and develop something new, something that you didn't aware of, and something might change your life. While volunteering, you can travel at the same . Let's take this opportunity and sign-up for this program. I will assure that you will have a great moment, a challenging adventure and also an experience that worth sharing for.

Post-LLDS Syndrome (Team Day)

It was a whole day with the whole member in SU UTHM and our Local Committee President and Vice Presidents who came all round from UTM for our team day themed "Post LLDS Syndrome". This was created because of we can't move on with the LLDS event on last month, it is also to strengthen our relationship together, as well as release our stress after facing hardship for a while.

On this day, we were having our meet after the LLDS. So, that we can share what we have learned during the LLDS and at the same time learn new things from other members who had shared a different thought from yourself.

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Don't forget to sign-up for Global Citizen Program (GCP).

The due date is on 16th of May 2016. So, what are you waiting for?

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