American Revolution

Colonists win!

Three Reasons the Americans won.

1. We had more help. The French helped us win the war. Also we had help from overseas.

2. Guerrilla type tactics was the cause that the British lost the war

3. The Americans received a great deal of international assistance.

Now their is now more war!

The American Revolution affected the world how?

The Revolution war started a Revolution with France after the war. Europe it thrilled liberals who dreamed of creating their own democracies.

Backround to the war!

Spain helped the Colonists win the war when they joined them. Another is that the Dutch Republic and the British ( yes the British) also helped them win. The british didn't get any help because they already had trained soldiers and troops.

Why the British lost!

The British didn't get any help from any countries. Also they said they were ready and they did training. Another is that the Colonists hid behind trees and rocks and anything that they could hide behind. Also their supply line was hard to maintain.
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We are the champions!!