The Crimson Shadow Series

Author R.A Salvatore

Book 1 Beginning The Sword of Bedwyr

In the beginning you start of in Eriador on an island of the coast called Bedwyrin. But Eriador and Bedwyrin have fallen under the rule of Greensparrow a powerful wizard who works with demons. You start off from the viewpoint of Ethan then soon switch to his younger brother Luthien. The father and eorl of the island Gahris is having unwanted guests and they are royal so he must put up a show. One of the guests is the cousin of the duke of Montfort his name is Viscount Aubrey and Baron Wilmon who isn't a cousin. They also have wife like old women for their pleasure one is called Avonese and the other Elenia.He Also meets a halfling called Oliver Deburrows was a Highwayman.

Book 1 Middle

Near the middle they meet a wizard named Brind 'Amour who is a good wizard who sends Luthien and Oliver on an quest to fight a dragon for the wizard's staff(they didn't know it was a dragon.)so after they battled the dragon they got a cape of invisibility for and a compacted bow for Luthien and a house breaker which has all the tools for robbing Luthien also falls in love with an half elf ( he's already good friends with Oliver).Luthien falls in love with the half elf called Siobhan.

Book 2 Beginning Luthien's Gamble

In the beginning Luthien's long lost lover comes into the fray to help because war is coming she came with Blind Striker which is the family sword of the bedwrys Brind'Amour came to help as well and the Eriadorians started a revolt.

Book 2 Middle

The Eriadorians are in full revolt and are soon going after princetown a major city in Eriador they are going to try to take a gamble and rally the farmers and Eradochs.

Book 3 Beginning The Dragon King

There needs to be diplomacy to take back Eraidor and there is a meeting with King Bellick Dan Burso Of DunDarrow. They need to meet for needs of war against the evil King Greensparrow with the dwarfs and Shuglin.

Book 3 Middle

They are trying to get into a town to catch an enemy wizard for the war against Greensparrow. They are trying to ally with DunDarrow the dwarfs for the war.