Rattler News

January 4, 2022

From The Desk of Principal Roberts

Dear Rattler Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back to school. We had a mix of students that were knocking down the doors at 7:10 and then those that looked like they needed one more day of sleep. Overall, it has been a terrific start to the school year. I love our Rattlers so much and could not wait to visit with them!

We are looking forward to a fabulous second semester embracing a mindset of accepting challenges, embracing creativity, and showing kindness.

With Joy,

Shelley Roberts

Principal Coffee Talk - January 11th

Our next Principal Coffee Talk will be in-person with our special guest, Dr. Jennifer Haak. Dr. Haak is a doctoral-level board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D) and is the owner and executive director of Steiner Ranch Behavior Therapy.

During her time with us, she will share behavior strategies that are good for all children and ways to use them at home. We will also have a Q & A session to follow. You don't want to miss this opportunity, so please join us at 8:45 for a quick PTA general meeting with our guest speaker starting at 9:00.

Important Dates

  • January 11th: Principal Coffee Talk - In person starting at 8:45
  • January 13th: Spelling Bee at 8:00. Parents of participants can join us live for the event. All other spectators are invited to watch the live stream: https://leanderisd.zoom.us/j/8449692738 - Passcode: rrebee
  • January 16th: Student/Staff Holiday


QUEST Screening

This is just a reminder from previous communication: if you are interested in referring your child to be screened for QUEST, please fill out this form no later than Jan. 6, 2023.

Referrals for G/T - QUEST services are accepted year-round. Elementary students referred by Friday, January 6, 2023 will be screened to determine the need for additional Gifted/Talented Assessment and Identification.

Those that qualify for additional screening/testing will be notified in February, 2023 and assessed throughout the spring semester. Qualified students will be notified in May and begin QUEST in the fall of 2023.

Additional information can be found on the River Ridge QUEST website (Qualifying for QUEST)

If you have additional questions after viewing the QUEST website, please email Myra.Harold@LeanderISD.org.

Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Woehl

Counseling Lesson Topics for January

Kinder- Personal Space

Students will be learning about the importance of personal space and how that looks different with family & friends!

1st & 2nd Grades- Goal Setting

Students will learn the difference between a short term goal vs a long term goal! We will also discuss how to set attainable goals for what we want to achieve!

3rd Grade- Positive Decision Making

Students will learn the difference between unkind/mean behavior vs bullying. Students will also be given strategies on how to respond if this happens to them or a peer.

4th Grade- Positive Decision Making

Students will learn about the positive and negative impacts of peer pressure and how to decipher between the two. Students will be given strategies on how to respond to negative peer pressure.

5th Grade- Middle School Transitions

Students will learn about the ins and outs of middle school life and what to expect as their middle school visits are coming up soon!

Important Dates

Middle School Visits for 5th graders will be February 16th 9:30-11:30

Middle School Counselors coming to RRE February 21-24 (Actual day and time TBD)

New Year's Resolutions for Kids

Here are some suggestions for New Year's resolutions that kids can make.

Eating healthier: Drink two glasses of milk or water each day instead of soda or juice or eat two pieces of fruit at lunch each day!

Being more active: Join a soccer team or go to yoga class with Mom on Saturdays!

More reading; fewer screens: Read for 30 minutes before bed instead of watching TV or playing on your iPad or phone.

Being helpful around the house: Set the table for dinner every night or help clean your bedroom once a week!

Being kind or making friends: Decide to do one random act of kindness a week or decide to talk to one person at school you’ve never met each week!

Being more environmentally responsible: Start a recycling program at home or decide as a family to shorten showers to only five minutes to conserve water!

Learning a new skill: Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies or learn how to sing!

Engaging in more family time: Have game night every Friday or plan to eat breakfast together on Sunday mornings!

Resource of the Month

Here are some ways to help your child make New Year's Resolutions!