Kindergarten Newsletter

April 8

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Pizza Reading Coupons

When you turn in the reading Logs for April and May there will be a different pizza. It will not be a free pizza. Pizza Hut provides free pizzas through March.


Please send in an April snack for the class to share :-) Thank you!!

Star Words

I, see, a, the, is, it, like, am, at, an, and, in, my, look, go, are, on, was, he, she, you, me, by, can, this, for, not, said, will, come, went, up, here, that, play, has, have, his, her, had, they, from, of, got, get, do, doing, yes, no, does, I'm, make, came, saw

Important Dates

Happy Birthday Isabella!

Tuesday, April 16-Chipotle Night 5-9

Thursday, April 14-Happy Birthday Gabby!

Friday, April 15- Happy Birthday Dominic & Mrs. Groess

Friday, April 22-Book orders due

Tuesday, May 3-Walk to the Library

Thursday, June 6-Doge Nature Center visit

Friday, June 10-Little Red Hen Kindergarten Play

A Peak at Next Week

Theme: Weather & Planting

Phonics: ot word family

Math: measurement

Star words: saw

Shared Reading: Wet Lands