Bolton Hill Nursery Newsletter

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Important dates

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, May 16th, 8:30am to Friday, May 20th, 1pm

Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD, United States

Baltimore, MD

Parent Teacher Conferences will take place the week of May 16th in your child's building. Many of the classes have already placed signup sheets on their doors/clipboards. The conferences will take place as follows:

  • Monday, May 16th: Blue Finches (204) & Firecrown Hummingbirds (1316)
  • Tuesday, May 17th: Steller Jays (204) & Rosefinches (1316)
  • Wednesday, May 18th: Pajaritos & Parakeets (204) & Scarlet Ibises (1316)
  • Thursday, May 19th: Canaries (204)
  • Friday, May 20th: Gold Finches (204)

Each conference should take approximately 15 minutes. Please remember to arrive on time!

Important Information

A Goodbye Letter from Ms. Janie

Dear Bolton Hill Family,

I loved Bolton Hill Nursery School from the moment I walked into that funky little office 10 1/2 years ago. I loved the children, the staff, but mostly the spirit of BHN. Of course, for me the biggest joy is the children and I will sorely miss the hugs, kisses, laughter and joy they gave me. The teachers have always been incredibly creative, loving and kind. And you parents have been understanding and forgiving for my occasional minor mistakes like the time I charged a family $48,000.00 for a month's tuition. Working with Louie and Kelly has been humbling and inspirational. I will truly miss everyone.

I am being succeeded by the wonderfully competent, Leigh Hibler, which leads me to a story. Kelly was in the Red Room before I arrived one morning and Leigh was in my chair in the office. Kelly asked one of the children to go to the office and see if I was there. The child came back and reported that, "Ms. Janie is in the office but she looks VERY different." So I realize I am replaceable but Bolton Hill Nursery will always have a warm and special place in my heart.

I will soon be a grandmother and have already enrolled him in the two year old class of 2018. So my connection to BHN will continue but in another role as a doting grandma dropping off and picking up my grandchild in the wonderful and magical world of Bolton Hill Nursery School.

My love and very best to you all. - Janie

Meet Our New Teacher- Ms. Jackie

Many of you may have noticed a new face in the building. This lovely woman is Ms. Jackie! She will be working with many of the classes for the remainder of the school year and she will be with us for the summer as well. Wanna learn a bit more about her- Check out her bio on the BHN website! Be sure to tell her hello and share a smile.

The Side Yard and Pick Up at 204

Pick up times can be very busy, and we need to work together to make sure that everything runs smoothly. When picking up from the side yard, please be sure to close the gate behind you when you enter or exit the yard. Additionally, children must be picked up by their parent or designated person. Older siblings may not do pick up or sign their younger sibling out.



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