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October 14, 2016

Encouragement from ACSI

Fellow International Educators,

I’ve been a little bit nostalgic for the last month or so. Thirty years ago, I started my international education career at a boarding school at Black Forest Academy, in Germany. Back then, I had hopes that this new adventure of mine would work out over the long run─like maybe two years! But as you can imagine, two years turned into three, and then four, and then suddenly, here we are three decades later rejoicing in the privilege and honor of serving God through international Christian schooling. Here are a few quick bullet points, I would have loved to tell my 28-year-old-self at the beginning of my overseas career…

1. Your students will become adults. As hard as it is to imagine right now, those kids who occasionally drive you crazy will one day be alumni, moms and dads, leaders, possible contributors, colleagues, or maybe even your boss! Treat them well today with the longer view in mind!

2. This too shall pass. While there is much light in your community, sometime there will be darkness, but the darkness usually doesn’t last as long as you think. God is with you in all circumstances─he will never leave you or forsake you.

3. Your international school community is an amazing and powerful thing. Yes, it’s not perfect, yes, you may feel like you’ve had enough, and yes, there is a time to leave, but on the other hand, doing good daily work within the functioning body of Christ is an incredible blessing. Don’t take it for granted. Relay on your teammates.

4. Pray for your leaders. They are carrying more than you can probably imagine. They need your kind words from time to time and your prayers at all times.

5. And when you feel like a failure, and you will, remember God’s grace is enough. Enough for your co-workers, for your students, and for yourself. Zephaniah 3:17.

May you be equipped with everything good for doing his will! Keep on keeping on.

Blessings to you from the ACSI International School office,

Tim Shuman, Regional Director, ACSI International Schools Division

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Important Dates

October 15-23: Mid-Semester Break

October 24: School and X Blocks Begin

October 25: Divisional Meeting, 4 PM, Rm. 23

Oct. 27-29: Shawna and other principals at EARCOS conference

Nov. 1: PD Meeting

Nov. 4: Ms Service Learning Day

Nov. 7: No School; Curriculum Work Day

Nov. 11: Remembrance Day Assembly (X block)

Servant Leadership Day

Just a reminder that Servant Leadership Day is coming up on Nov. 4. Bible teachers, please fill out the details on the Google Sheet. Other teachers, please sign up to help someone else out. If you teach both MS and HS, you will need to sign up to help with MS Servant Leadership Day or the HS Eagle Games. We purposely planned them on the same day to give all of you the opportunity to be involved.
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