Wind as an Energy Source

It is popular because of its many fans

What is Wind?

Wind is the movement of air cause by the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun. Land and water have the largest difference between their heating and cooling and therefore has the strongest wind where the two meet.

Why does the air move?

Due to a density difference between warm air and cold air the air is constantly moving. Cold air is more dense and therefore sinks when in contact with warm air. When the air moves by the turbines they rotate which turns the shaft which turns inside the generator which produces electricity.

What is a wind farm?

Once a good location for predictable and steady wind has been sited, a wind farm is place there which is a cluster of wind turbines within the same area of one another. A common place for wind farms is just off the coast in the oceans. Wind tends to blow stronger over flat surfaces like an ocean with no buildings or trees to stop its movement.

Environment Impact and Problems

Flying animals are in danger of being hit by the spinning arms of the wind turbine. There is an obstruction of the view of the ocean which some people disapprove of, and also the turbines have been known to produce a lot of noise.

It is a renewable energy source that produces zero air pollution.

Wind turbines require a strong wind that is not always available. Sometimes these farms are not producing any electricity because the wind is not strong enough to turn the arms of the turbine.