Save Energy

We need to save energy

Recent U.S. Energy use

In the United States, we use 97.3% energy. (7,069.33 kg!)

6 ways to save energy

1.) Use your air conditioner wisely. If you use it when you don't need to, you waste energy that you might need later

2.) Use energy efficient light bulbs. They use as little as 1/4 the amount of electricty used from normal light bulbs, but they make the same amount of light.

3.) Make sure you have proper insulation. Small cracks around doors and windows loose the same amount of air as a open window.

4.) In cold weather, you can take advantage of the sun's warmth. You just keep the drapes open during daylight hours.

5.) Always remember to turn off lights when your leaving. If you keep them on, then power is being wasted.

6,) Turn computers off. If you keep your computer on and you are not using it, you waste energy.

Why we need to continue saving energy.