Dolphins are being killed and we should help them.

How talking by dolphins to loud is bad.

Dolphins use sound waves to communicate with each other, If you or more people are talking or yelling to loud, the dolphins cant communicate with sound waves, its bad that they cant communicate because one dolphin might communicate with another, saying to get food or swim away, and they do not know what they are saying.

Why most sea animals are in danger.

Most sea animals are in danger, their in danger because people go fishing and catch fish, taking dolphins food away, sometimes, they go on big boats and catch dolphins with their fishing nets, cosign their life.

What do Dolphins mostly eat.

Dolphins mostly eat squids, octopus, and shrimp, people are taking that away and eating their food, and also, taking their life while taking Dolphins food.

Why fishing is bad for dolphins.

Dolphins eat fishes, what is bad about fishing, your taking away their food and giving them to people, we have a lot of food, dolphins dont have as much food as we do,

How and why people catch dolphins

People catch dolphins with fishing nets, they use it to catch sharks to, but they catch both for different reasons, one reason for them catching dolphins if for shows, they use them for dolphin shows and after, most dolphins die of shock.

How we can help

How we can help is by telling kids about it and they and us spread the word, if we dont then more people will kill more dolphins, we should just get money by taking out trash, cleaning, but it should not invole killing anything of any kind.