Klinefelter Syndrome

by Rodrigo and bergen

Klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is when a male with two x chromosomes and one y chromosome.

Here are some symptoms of klinfelter syndrome.

They can be taller, fatter around the belly, clumsier, slower development, smaller testicles and penis, bigger breast, less facial and body hair, weak muscles, long legs and wide hips, weak bones, decreased sexual interest, lower energy, reduced sperm production, infertility, low testosterone, take longer to walk or crawl, lower IQ, social and learning problems.

How is klinefelter diagnosed.

Klinefelter can be diagnosed through a hormone test and chromosome analysis they are both done by blood and urine samples.

Klinefelter treatments.

Klinefeter can not be cured but can be treated.Here are the treatments Testosterone replacement, Breast tissue removal, Speech and physical therapy, Educational support, Fertility treatment, Psychological counseling.