Mrs. Nagy's 1st Grade Class

First grade ROCKS... Come be a star!⭐️

We had such a fun week celebrating the 100th day of school. Here are a few things to keep us moving right along...

  • Valentine's Day Celebration - We will celebrate Valentine's Day with a low key party and Valentine exchange on Thursday afternoon. I will send home a list of the student's names in the class. If anyone is interested in sending in a small sweet treat or some drinks, please contact me. We will play a few games, pass out our valentines, and enjoy a snack:)

  • 100th day of school - Thank you to those of you that donated the needed items for our one hundredth day celebration. I couldn't have done it without you!
  • Final Stable Syllable Project - Just a reminder...this project is due this Thursday, February 12th. Any questions, please let me know!
  • Romeo and Lou - We will continue with this classroom wide writing assignment so that each student will get a turn participating and taking it home to complete. Romeo and Lou are characters from a story we read together in class. Each child will have the opportunity to bring them home and are encouraged to journal about all the adventures they have with them. The adventures can be real or make believe. Please feel free to include pictures or email them to me and I can print them at school to include them in the journal. All the children seem very excited to get their turn. Please have your child return the cooler to school the next day:)
  • Book It -For February, the requirement will be 2 books again! We have another short month, with lots of things going on! The children are to fill in the Pink Heart Book It paper and return them to school. (Also send in the book for the AR). The children have until February 27th. If you need another copy, please let me know!
  • Report cards - Report cards should have come home in the mail. Conferences will be held on Thursday, February 12th between the hours of 3-8. I will gladly conference with any family, so please do not hesitate to sign up for a conference!
  • Magnificent Marshmallow Manners-For the month of February, we have instilled a classroom reward by the above title. If a child is caught using their Marvelous Manners, they earn a marshmallow for our large paper mug. When we reach 100, the students will earn a hot chocolate and movie time! Encourage your children to earn those marshmallows!!!!!
  • Spelling List - This week the spelling list will consist of words taken from the last four spelling lists since January. The spelling list will have 16 words, but should be review for them. The list will come home tomorrow. There are 2 bonus words for the week be mine, sweetheart. Bonus words do not count against their score, but are for a little extra challenge and fun:)*List is already on Spelling City website.
  • Read to the class - Starting this month, I will have a sign up sheet for students to read a book to the class during storytime. I will encourage the children to pick a book that they can read fluently and that they have practiced at least once or twice at home. I also encourage their book choice not take more than 10 minutes. Many of the children look forward to doing this, BUT forget to take the time to practice their book choice. It is such a treat to see children grow in their confidence reading when they get to be "the teacher". I encourage you to help your child practice the book and their teacher voice when it is their turn. A list will come home to keep you informed of when your child may have signed up.
  • IOWA Testing - At the end of this month, the school will be participating in IOWA Standardized Testing. This includes the First Grade. The testing will occur during the week of February 23-27. During this week minimal homework will be given. It is encouraged for all students to get LOTS of rest every night this week and a good "brain" energizing breakfast. The children enjoy taking these, because they feel like the big kids! An important component is listening and following directions! Many times the question or directions MAY NOT repeated. Please remind your children of this, for this can really hurt their performance on the test.
  • Flashlight Fridays - Something just for fun... I thought for the remaining Friday's in February (starting Feb.20th), the students could bring in a flashlight labeled with their name and leave it at school. On Friday afternoons, we could enjoy some quiet reading time in the dark with our flashlights. Just a little something to break up our long dark winter months. Please feel free to send them in and I will store them in the classroom:) Should be fun!!!!

Thanks again for all you do to help make First Grade Rock!

Mrs. Nagy

Special schedules

A Spanish and Library

B Music and Technology

C Gym and Art


We have been working with place value. The children have really learned this concept quite quickly. We will continue working on this concept as well as expanded form (i.e. 63=60 tens +3 ones). We will work on comparing the numbers using Greater than and Less than.

We will also continue to work on graphing, addition and subtraction with number families and missing addends. The adding and subtracting will begin to be through 20. Please continue to work on flash cards at home! I can tell those children that do their 5 minutes of math practice every night. The children need to be able to recognize and complete simple math facts by the end of First Grade. Fluency is very important for success in 2nd grade.


Contractions will continue to be practiced as well as the reinforcement of the Final Stable Syllables. The children will also be introduced to the letter y as a vowel. This can be tricky, so please encourage your child as they happen upon words with y as a vowel.


Please read with your child every night for 20 MINUTES:)

Questions or concerns??

Please feel free to contact me by email.