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Service Offerings

  • Crowd Sourcing: Taking a service traditionally performed by a person or team and sourcing it to a large online group of people as an open project.

  • SME Consulting: SME Consulting performed by the Test Management Office (TMO) provides a comprehensive framework for all testing activities. This holistic approach drives efficiency and increases the quality of testing

  • Cyber Security: Ethical hacking is an expansive term encompassing all hacking techniques, and computer attack techniques to find security flaws with the permission of the target owner and the goal of improving the target’s security while penetration testing is more focused on the process of finding vulnerabilities in a target environment

  • BDD & Agile: BDD is behaviour driven development where the business defines software changes using domain structured language to articulate requirements for how the software will behave. . Agile methodology is lean approach to development and can work with or independant of BDD.

  • Mobile Testing: Mobile testing includes device, network infrastructure and combination of manual and automated testing tools to cover both functional and non-functional testing which are important for getting your mobile applications to market on time and within budget

  • Platform Migration: Platform Migration involves phasing out the legacy platforms and implementing the new platforms. Implementing new platforms requires thorough testing to validate the functionality, efficiency and reliability of the new platform.

  • Legacy Re-Engineering: Modernizing the legacy systems by re engineering the systems to meet synergies

  • Business Services Testing: Enables an effective testing process by providing framework and governance for all testing activities

  • DevOps: Requirements, Development and Testing teams now have to start including elements impacting other IT teams during the development and testing phases e.g. Database, Infrastructure, Information Security

  • Cloud Testing: Testing in the cloud leverages the cloud computing infrastructure, reducing the unit cost of computing, while increasing testing effectiveness.

  • Test Data Management: Data is the main driver of any testing activities. Test Data management provides timely high quality data

  • Data Testing

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