Cody Cougar

Photo Editor\Designer

Information about me!

My name is Cody Cougar and I am 13!

Some Of My Qualities!

1. I am a kind person.

2. I always try to get straight A's.

3. I always work my hardest!

A Song That Describes Me IS. I like to move it!

The Jobs I Am Applying For!

The job I would like to have is the Designer. My second option would be the Photo Editor. I would like to become the Designer because I like to make things look good and I also like it when i hear someone say it look good. I think I would make a good fit as the Designer because I work hard and i stay focused and if someone tells me an idea they think I should take out I will take their advice. I also think I will be a good fit for Photo Editor because I like making everything look nice and I can take other advice of what I should do instead.