6th Grade ELAR Newsletter

Week of November 16, 2015

Hello Parents/Guardians!


Students are still having difficulty keeping up with bell ringers. Please remind your kiddos that this is an easy weekly 100 if they will keep up with them. I'm hoping by having them keep up with these weekly bell ringers it will teach them responsibility.

Many students are either not keeping up with them or not doing them at all and when I take grades and ask for them they expect me to tell them what we did the entire week. I would like to make you aware I will no longer do this and if they cannot produce the assignment when asked then it will be a zero.

This week....


Students will begin a mini-project which consist of a 6-panel comic. The theme is Thanksgiving, it must have at least 2 scenes, at least 4 characters and have dialogue as well has a plot line. This will be due Thursday, 11/19 and they have the options to work in groups.


Students will review dialogue and its components and discuss active and passive voice.


Students will discuss strategies for determining main ideas, abbreviations and acronyms.


Review organizational patterns and discuss the importance of following directions.


iPad scavenger hunt and discuss the importance of sequence in various real-life scenarios.