By:Meg Cabot

Teen Idol

Plot Feature Exposltion

Mrs. Mulvaney's doll Annie was kidnaped from her desk. The Jenny Greenly started a newspaper column called ask Annie. She started to help people with there problems. She was also asked to show super star Luck Stricker around the school in search of a role for a play.

Main Characters

Jen Greenly- High school student, like by everyone, is ask Annie, and eventually dates Scott.

Scott Bennet- Editor of the school paper. dates Geri Lynn then dates Jenny. Jenny says he is a good cook.

Luck Stricker- A star who goes to school in search for a role in a new film.

Catrina Larssen- Jenny's best friend, drama queen in all respects for the world, super fan of Luke Stricker and is dating Steve.

Geri Lynn Packard- Only senior in the newspaper, is dating Luke Stricker, passionate about journalism and the rights of media.

Steve McKnight- Trina's boyfriend, madly in love with her, dumps her because of obsession with Luke, then makes up.

Cara Schlosberg- Wants to be popular, gets made fun of for being fat, gets over wanting to be popular, then dates Kwang.

Setting and Title Significant

In 2005 it was published, took place at Clayton and Clayton High School.

I think the title was meant for the super star that went to school.

For the ask Annie column.

Jenny finding true love.

Author and Theme

Meg Cabot was born February 1,1967 in Bloomington India. Written and published over 50 books Best known for the Princess Diaries.

It is about finding true love and if you push yourself you can make it farther in life, and that if you help people it will make a difference on others lives as well.