LG Expeditionary Thursday Update

October 3, 2019

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6th Grade Science - Ecosystems

The rain was off and on, so while most of our 6th graders didn't make it to Prospect Park, they did get a chance for solo nature time closer to BCS. Students studied the ecology of a neighborhood park, watching trees, squirrels, bugs, and birds through a scientific lens. What observations did they make? What hypothesis did they test? And how did they determine whether the data they collected validated their hypothesis?

Ask your child what they learned from dissecting an owl pellet in science class. In what ways were they thinking like a scientist?

7th Grade Social Studies - La Malinche

In 7th grade social studies, students are using primary and secondary sources to analyze different historical perspectives. In this fieldwork, they’ll look specifically at the effects of the conquest of Mexico on Mesoamerican culture. As a kickoff, students traveled to two locations to view artifacts that delve deeply into the culture and history of Mesoamerica. Before the trip, they read and watched sources explaining Mesoamerican culture before the conquest. Half the class traveled to the Met, and the other half to the American Museum of Natural History. Upon returning to school, they discussed the drastic changes that happened after the fall of Tenochtitlan. This information will help them to analyze the profound impact the conquest had on the world, and to decide whether La Malinche’s actions in aiding the Spanish should make her a hero, traitor, or victim.

Ask your child to explain how historians use primary and secondary sources to understand the past. What do they think about La Malinche's choices? Is she a hero, traitor, or victim?

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8th Grade Science - Environments & Evolution

Our 8th graders are learning about the development of organisms and genetics in 8th grade Science. Later this year, they will be complete an investigation on genetics. Thursday's fieldwork was an opportunity for students to observe other living organisms and practice scientific process skills in preparation.

Students went to the Prospect Park Zoo to conduct behavior observations of animals. This day was a review of the Scientific Method/Process and an opportunity for students to recognize how environments can affect animal behavior. We saw peacocks, baboons, sea lions, foxes, bats, and more!

Ask your child to explain what their hypothesis was about social grooming of primates, and what evidence they collected that supported or rejected it.

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