Road to Revolution

By William crump


All of the events that happened before the revolutionary war were events that were building a path or a road to the point of war. Some of the events, conflicts and groups that affected them.

The battle of lexington and Concord and the Militia

The battle of Lexington and concord was the first battle of the revolutionary war. The main goal of the British was to take Militia weapons. however the Militia stood in the way and stood in the way of the British. Then eventually somebody fired a shot and the battle began. The militia eventually defeated the British by calling in reinforcements at concord. The people that were fighting against the British were the militia who were colonists that formed together and created an army eventually lead by George Washington. The militia were formed around early 1775.

Road to revalution events


The events leading up to the Revolutionary war were very important to our independence and to american history. People will still talk about these events today, every year people dress up like militia and fire off rounds at yorktown to remember the battle there. Even people still refer the boston tea party as a revolutionary event, people will also still boycott even today. so even though it happened hundreds of years ago always remember the revolutionary war.