ECORV Needs Money for Car Contest

What is ECORV?

ECORV is a team of students that represents the county of Northampton in a contest to build an electric car. Unfortunately, they need at least $10,000, and they do not have that kind of fundings. Support our team by donating money or car parts.

A diagram of a electric car, so you can donate car parts.

More Information on the Contest

The contest will be split into five parts: speed, efficiency, range, and oral presentation. The contest will be against other schools representing different counties. Each school will be awarded a certain amount of points for each part. The winner is the team that has the most points at the end of the contest.

Why Would You Need an Electric Car?

Electric cars are good for the environment. Have you ever wondered what the fumes from gasoline powered cars are? Carbon monoxide is just one of the harmful gases emitted from gasoline powered cars. But EVs (electric vehicles) produce none of those gases, and runs on clean, green energy.
To donate money or car parts, please call 201-583-7249.

Please Donate Now!!!