What impacted America? Do you know?

Central America Immigration

As you read you will understand how Central America Immigration effected America Today and you will be informed about the immigrants increasing numbers, challenges, and political impact.


In 2013 approximately, 3.2 million Central America immigrants entered the United States the group of immigrants were from the Northern Triangle which is created by El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. This represents 7% of the country 41.3 million immigrants.

Any Jobs Available?

Immigrants from Central America did not have a high education rate most barely graduated high school so the jobs that where available was very labor intensive. The percents that most immigrants have are 34% in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupation. 22% have a job in transportation, and material moving occupation.

Contribution to America

Immigrants gives America economy a edge on the world. Immigrants bring new ideas to the American culture, and a entrepreneurial spirit to the U.S. economy. Immigrants also rise demand in more jobs with low-skilled labor jobs.

Home land affected

Central America Immigrants gain money in United States more than 2 million people send the money back to their home lands. According to the Governors this gives a major impact on the on the economy. In the United States they think about way to have Central American work plans so that parents wont leave their families permanently and this will help the countries with their economic development.

Laws that were effected

Immigrants were entering the United States illegally therefor they were granted the Temporary protection status (TPS) protecting against deportation by working due to a series of natural disasters in those countries. Honduras and Nicaragua had been renewed until July 2016 and El Salvador has been renewed until September 2016.

The reason's for Arrival

The Central American Immigrants came to the United States because a series of civil war broke out in the region. Thousand of immigrants from different countries, many from rural areas, and many lack education, fled north to avoid the war.


Many Central America immigrants noticed that the cargo trains headed North caring resources, though these train were not meant for passengers so they had to ride on top of the train. Immigrants had to be wary about the dangers of falling off causing physical injuries or death; They also have to be concerned about the gangs that control the rout of the train.

Treatment or Torment?

The United states border patrols were overwhelmed with the amount of immigrants that were migrating to America. America gave immigrants rights to stay though for a temporary time due to condition in their countries. The Temporary Protection Status is the law that gives immigrants the chance to recover and regain.

Show me the Numbers

The Central America immigration in 1980 was 354,000 immigrants in the United States. That number grew tremendously increasing more than 3 times in size in 1980s, doubled in 1990s , and continue to grow more than 56 percent between 2000 to 2013.

Where did they go?

28% of Central America immigrants settle in the west coast California, Texas had 11%, and Florida with 11% also. The counties that are in these states were Los Angeles, Harris County, Miami Day county, and Prince George county in Maryland. All these counties combined make up to 30% of the Central America Immigrant population in the United States.