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A Night Out With My Electronic Cigarette

Few months before, me and my friend Robert suddenly decided to go for a long drive. We both were chain smokers and couldn’t live a single minute without it. I had switched to an electronic cigarette but my friend was not aware with it and he was still continuing with traditional cigarettes. In fact, he even didn’t know about these battery operated cigarettes. The time when we were on our way, I started puffing my V2 cigs electronic cigarette. He was surprised to see the electronic cigarette and asked many questions regarding its effectiveness, usage and blah blah blah. I told him each and everything about this device but he was not at all satisfied with my answers.

Then I suggested him to try it once. He was confused about the quality of e cigarettes and told me that he was happy with his traditional tobacco flavored cigarettes.

But after too many requests, he was ready to try my V2 cigs standard kit for once. I am a regular customer of V2 cigs standard kit from past 8 months and I know all the attributes of this kit. Therefore, I convinced Robert to try this kit just for once. He was ready and finally when He got his fist puff with V2 cig standard kit, he was surprised. After his first puff, he didn’t want to return it back to me. He enjoyed V2 cigs puffing a lot. And finally, he also switched to V2 cigs electronic cigarettes. I suggested him to try v2 cigs beginner kit as he didn’t have prior experience with e cigarettes. Now he lives his life smoke free and happily.

I know that there are many people who are looking for the best electronic cigarette brand that are available in the market. As I am using e cigarette from past 1.5 years, I want to give suggestion to choose the e cigarettes only after reading reviews of customers. There are many e cigarette brands available in the market that promises to give quality product at an affordable price. But before purchasing it is beneficial to compare the brands and then choose the bet one. As per my experience I found V2 cigs as the best electronic cigarette brads.