Chapter 5 - Fall Workshop

NYSAAA - Chapter 5

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Session I - Scott Fitch

The Chapter 5 fall workshop began with Scott Fitch, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Fairport High School, speaking on the topic of social media for athletes. Mr. Fitch shared the story of a student who was pushed over the edge by comments made to her online and sadly took her own life.

You never know what someone is going through.

· Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in teens.

· 21% feel worse about their own life because of social media.

Why can cyberbully be more dangerous than bullying?

· It never stops.

· The number of bullies multiplies online.

Social media is relevant. It allows us to connect with people all over the world and can be a very effective tool in coaching and hiring people. It is also a tool with long term impact where good kids make bad decisions that can come back to haunt them later in life.

He challenged us to be proactive in our role as social guardians.

· Do you have a plan?

· Do your coaches know your vision?

· Do you have guidelines?

Session II - Chris Bianchi and Mike Germain

The second session of the Chapter 5 fall workshop welcomed Chris Bianchi, of Game Change Solutions ( Mr. Bianchi acknowledged the difference between high school sports culture thirty years ago and today. Our athletes face a ‘Culture of Pressure,’ with athletes participating in sports year-round, increased involvement from parents, and often an overemphasis on winning. In response to this, coaches must pay special attention to a player’s physical and personal development and being explicit in defining success.

Mike Germain, assistant coach for R.I.T. hockey, touched on practice efficiency through proper nutrition. His team’s work with their strength coach in replenishing energy with carbohydrates 30 minutes after a practice session. Coach Germain’s program believes that simply having athletes having a sports drink and a protein bar is all a student-athlete needs to be able to maximize their energy level for the next day’s practice. Not replenishing their energy level quickly will leave student-athletes lagging the next day, leading to a slow, unproductive, inefficient practice.

Mr. Bianchi challenged Chapter 5’s AD’s to reflect and define their expectations for practice planning and efficiency among their coaches.

Tips for Practice Efficiency

Make it Fun & Meaningful

  • Competitions
  • Differentiated drills and grouping
  • Work conditioning into natural practice situations
  • Ie. (Running to get water)

Player Development

  • Challenge your players
  • Set goals with players to answer question ‘Why is it worth it for me to be on the team?
  • Building confidence for players to take risks

Sportsmanship - Teach it!

In Session III, Chris Bianchi returned to touch up on the ever-challenging issue of sportsmanship. A few of the highlights of his presentation.

  1. Coaching 101 - Be explicit. 'They don't know what they don't know.'
  2. Develop Captains - Access, develop this un-utilized resource
  3. Preparation - What does your PD for coaches look like?
  4. Practice Sportsmanship - Set up scenarios in practice (ie. how to celebrate, how to respond to a bad call)

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