Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart

(1756-1791) by Dylan Chiu

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Wolfgang was born in Salzburg, Austria. When Wolfgang was born his father immediately knew he was special. At age 5 he already composed a minuet and played the harpsichord and violin. From ages 7 to 10 Mozart traveled throughout Europe with his sister Anna Maria and his father Leopold. After Wolfgang grew up though people stopped paying attention to him because while he was a genius he was no longer a prodigy. In 1781 he married Constanze Weber and had 6 children. But only 2 survived to be adults. Soon after he succumbed to rheumatic fever at age 35 and died.
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This is a map of Salzburg, Austria which is where Wolgang was born. I chose this map because it is very detailed and has color. Also it is fairly accurate to what Wolfgang would see because this map was made in 1899.
W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter" in C major (Harnoncourt)
This is Wolfgang's final symphony, number 41. It was given the nickname "Jupiter" after his death because it is his greatest symphony. It is played with strings, 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, a flute, and a timpani.
Mozart composed over 600 pieces of music in his life. A few other ones are Requiem, Eine kleine Nachmusik, The Magic Flute, Don Giovanni, and The Marriage of Figaro.
Wolfgang was given the nickname wolfie by has family and his sister was sometimes called Nannerl. His composed his first symphony at only 9 years old! His full name is Johannes Chrysostomas Wolfganus Theophilus Mozart. He as very poor and and was buried in Vienna, Austria in a pauper's grave.


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