Sweeny Blueprint

Week of September 28

Sweeny Celebrations (shared at the faculty meeting)

Vanessa Thorne-Started my Reading Small Groups

Kyle Crouch-Work time to complete DLM training with special education peers was great!

Stephanie Taylor-Have a new communication device for student

Laura Hamilton- All assessments graded and entered on SISK/Spreadsheet Reluctant writers starting to get excited about writing

Kirsten Green-Had an awesome early release time with 3rd grade and Angie Wogen about using writing benchmark data to drive instruction

Alice Buckner-My kindergartners are really picking up on routines and expectations

Julie Brown-My 4th grade authors are writing amazing personal narratives! Rich, beautiful literature from nine and ten year olds. love it!

Yvonne Hunziker-My students are loving the inquiry-based science units.

Alissa Basta-Students did great on the first practice day of Literacy center rotations!

5th Grade is using C3 time for student leadership on Monday’s and RtI for Tuesday-Thursday-

Anita Brown-First Makerspace project was a success

Piper Wright-FEMA papers were out in the right order!

Angela Jones-Finally got to start small groups!

Miranda Steffen-loving the conversations on Friday afternoons with the 1st grade team-

Amy Skeans-Early release time is amazing! Loving that time with K town

Sierra Hufford-Students rolling with the schedule changes from Acuity/drills/subs and returning to a focused demeanor -

Brenna Watson- 4th grade students showing excellent behavior and perseverance during Acuity testing.

Amy Stevens-Finished our first makerspace project

Elisha Nelson-Time to review and discuss first grade data with my team

Sandy Colson-Had a very successful book fair raising funds to hire an author to come and visit Sweeny in the spring

5th Grade Team-Excellent Literacy Meeting this morning!!

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A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Ms. Hufford's Class

Monday, September 28:Spirit Wear Day; Beth out to CSIP Meeting at CO 9-11 am; 2:30 Title One Meeting (Sweeny)

Tuesday, September 29: 8:40 SPED Staffing; 2:30 Counselor/Admin Meeting; Literacy Specialists here to meet with all teachers (conference room-during specials)

Wednesday, September 30: 9:15 a.m. Project Sweeny; 10:15 SIT; 3:45-4:15 Makerspace Cleanup

Thursday, October 1: 12:30 Beth and Sandy Collaboration;

Friday, October 2: 8:45 Dr. Pearce visit

September Quote of the Month

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

September-Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-4th Sped

Makerspace-5th Grade

Literacy Library-Office Team

Sweeny Elementary

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