Longwood Gardens

Come Learn and Explore!


Dive into the study of water and the water cycle in this in-depth earth science program. Get acquainted to the clever ways in which plants and people use water and record observations and conduct water-based experiments.

Please refer to the Learning Objectives at the bottom of this flyer.

Longwood Gardens

Friday, May 16th, 10am-1:45pm

1001 Longwood Road

Kennett Square, PA


$5.00 for participating students (5 yrs. +)

$12.00 for adults

FREE for children under 5 yrs.

*Please make every effort to bring exact change. Thank you!

**If you have a family membership to Longwood Gardens, you may use that for your entrance, however the students are still charged $5.00 for the special program.


9:45 - 10:00 Arrive at the Group Meeting Area

- sign in & pay

10:30 Free time in Longwood Gardens

11:30 Lunch at the tent

12:00 Programs begin promptly

- students go with instructors & PA Virtual teachers in grade-appropriate groups

- parents/adults enjoy Longwood

1:30 Programs end - students back with parents

1:45 Farewells - families may stay at Longwood for as long as you'd like after the outing.

Lunch Plans:

~ You may bring your family's lunch in a labeled bag/cooler* (Lunches will be taken to the tent by Longwood employees.)

~ You may purchase lunch at the the restaurant and bring it to the tent.

~ There are 30 minutes alloted for lunch, so please plan accordingly.

*In consideration of those with severe allergies, please refrain from bringing nuts or nut products.

RSVP Information due by Monday, May 5th

Please email FSC Kathie Bell at kbell@pavcsk12.org with the following information:

~ Student name, grade, teacher/homeroom teacher

~ Names & grade of non-PA Virtual students participating

~ Name of responsible parent/adult accompanying student

~ Number and ages of additional children attending (including infants/toddlers/pre- schoolers)

~ Number of additional adults attending

~ Total number in group

PURPOSE OF OUTING: Educational and Social

Students may record the following academic time on the OLS:

Science - 180 minutes

Language Arts - 30 minutes


K-2: Students learn that water is essential to all life and is a valuable and limited resource. They explore different ways that plants collect and use water.

3-5: Students explore the water cycle and learn about water conservation and water pollution. They conduct a water experiment to find out if plants and soil can filter out water pollutants and create a pamphlet showing what they learned.

6-8: Students investigate watersheds and how to protect them through several water experiments. They create a brochure that can be used to teach others how to protect water.

Pre/Post Idea Generator for H2O


Standard 1: Understands atmospheric processes and the water cycle
Standard 2: Understands Earth’s composition and structure
Standard 6: Understands relationships among organisms and their physical environment
Standard 8: Understands that the physical properties of things can change
Standard 11: Understands the nature of scientific knowledge
Standard 12: Understands the nature of scientific inquiry
Standard 13: Understands scientific enterprise


* An adult chaperone must stay on-site for all PA Virtual events.

* Shoes must be worn at all times.

* All PA Virtual events are smoke-free.

* Pets should never be brought to PA Virtual events.

* To limit the spread of possible flu, please do not attend a PA Virtual event if you have had a fever within 24 hours of the event.

* In consideration of our students with allergies, please refrain from bringing balloons or food containing nut products.