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Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

Happy Wednesday!

This week, we will have noon dismissal on Thursday and Friday for our Parent-Teacher Conferences. Thank you to all of the parents who have signed up to bring a special dish for the teachers, so that they can have lunch provided both days. If you haven't signed up, but still wish to bring something, here is the link: https://signup.com/go/VXOfCeh.

Also, if you haven't signed up for a conference yet, it is not too late. Remember, the first trimester conferences are required for all families to attend. The links for each teacher are at the bottom of this newsletter, so just scroll down, click on the link, and find a time that works for you. Conferences are 15 min. long with a 5 minute passing time between each conference. Teachers will do their best to stay on time. If you need more time and the 15 min. is up, just talk with the teacher about scheduling something at a later date.

Finally, this weekend is our Fall Festival (Sunday from 1 - 3pm in the auditorium). Thank you to Nina and all of the helpers who have signed up to put this wonderful event together. It is a great way for families to have time to get to know one another and for kids to play in a safe environment. Here is the link to find out how to sign up for volunteer hours: https://signup.com/go/vtmVgOv

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday and Friday. Remember, Extended Care is provided both days (until 6 pm) for the regular cost.


Katie Dempsey


Upcoming Events!

  • Thursday: Spirit Gear, Noon Dismissal, Parent-Provided Staff lunch, Conferences begin at 1 pm
  • Friday: NO School Mass, Noon Dismissal, Parent-Provided Staff lunch, Conferences begin at 1 pm
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Changes to Our School Mass Schedule

As you know, we have been relying on priests to fill in for our weekly school masses. This has been challenging and, often times, we do not know who we have presiding until the day of our mass. Deacon Jim has been working with the Seattle Archdiocese to try to find a longer term solution for the school. We are pleased to announce that Fr. Michael Radermacher (from All Saints, Puyallup and St. Martin of Tours, Fife), as well as the Jesuit Community, will be helping us out through the end of December. Because of their busy schedules, we need to move our weekly masses to Mondays, with a couple of exceptions (schedule changes, Holy Days, etc.). Here is the list of masses through December:

Monday, Oct. 28th - No Mass due to mass on Friday (Holy Day)

Friday, Nov. 1st - All Saints Day Mass - 9 am in school auditorium

Monday, Nov. 4th - School mass at 9 am in school auditorium

Monday, Nov. 11th - No School due to Veterans Day/No Mass

Monday, Nov. 18th - School mass at 9 am in school auditorium

Monday, Dec. 2nd - School mass at 9 am in school auditorium

Monday, Dec. 9th - School mass at 9 am in school auditorium

Wednesday, Dec. 18th - School mass at 9 am in school auditorium

Since the church leadership from Holy Rosary Parish will be meeting with the Archbishop at the end of this month, we will continue to work on a longer-term solution to make sure our religious needs are met at the school.

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2nd Grade 1st Holy Communion

A special Smore (and a questionnaire) about First Holy Communion went home to 2nd grade parents this week. This information is necessary for us to determine how many children will be receiving their First Holy Communion through the school this year. If you have not turned your questionnaire in (or haven't seen it come from your child's backpack), please either send it in by this Friday or send an email with the info to Ms. Dempsey at kdempsey@holyrosarybilingual.org. Here is the info needed (from the questionnaire):

  1. Would you like for your child to receive First Holy Communion through Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy? Yes: ___ No: ___

If the answer is no, then you are done!

  1. Has your 2nd grader already received their Baptism in a Catholic church? Yes: ___ No: ___ If yes, where? __________________

  2. Do you currently belong to a Catholic church? Yes: ___ No: ___

  3. If you belong to a Catholic church, what is the name of it?


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The Harvest Festival...Save the Date!

The annual Holy Rosary Harvest Festival is right around the corner. It is on Sunday, October 27th from 1pm - 3pm in the school auditorium. We need some helpers to make this, once again, a fun and successful event. It is a wonderful and safe way for us to get together with the kids, have some treats, play some games, and stay safe indoors on a Sunday afternoon. Will you help us with a candy donation, a cake for the cake walk, operating a game booth, or something else like set up or clean up? Just check out our signup page for all of the options. Click on: https://signup.com/go/vtmVgOv

Thank you for helping us put this important event on...did we mention that there is a caramel apple bar again? YUMMY!

By the way, weekend masses will be moved to Visitation on this weekend and other weekends throughout the year, which conflict with a school event.

Ms. Nina Tatum

Social Chair/Office Manager

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CYO Sports

If your child is interested in basketball, the deadline to sign up is Friday! If you are interested, please sign-up in the main office or send an email to office@holyrosarybilingual.org. If you are interested in coaching or have questions about the season or the sport, please contact me at: cyo@holyrosarybilingual.org

-Thank you from Mr. Jason Blessing (CYO Athletic Director)

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Old (but Good) News! Read Below...

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(Mini) Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Once again, we will have a pumpkin decorating contest but this year, we are going mini!! You can use the regular orange mini pumpkins or the ghost (white) mini pumpkins, or a small version of the regular pumpkin. Please keep it small, though (no bigger than 5 inches or so). We want to display them all on a table together. You can decorate them however you like, with paint, cloth/fabric, sequins, popsicle sticks...get creative! Please do not carve them, though. Here are the categories:

  • Scariest
  • Most Creative
  • Best Look Alike (put a picture of the child with the pumpkin)
  • Best Pet-Themed Pumpkin!

Please have them turned in no later than Tuesday, Oct. 29th. The sooner the better, though, so we can enjoy them for longer! We will display them on a table near the office.

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From the Development Director:

Our Annual Fund Appeal kicked off in September and ends on November 15th. This is our first major fundraiser of the year. The goal for this fund is $100,000. Your gift towards this fund provides a quality educational program for your student(s), new curriculum and materials, staff training, financial aid, and many other initiatives. There is a minimum donation of $25 for each family. If a donation is not made by November 15, 2019 a $50 charge will be billed out.

You can choose to make a one time donation or you can pledge a monthly amount. Consider giving $25 a month for ten months which provides a total donation of $250. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can easily be made online by visiting the following link: https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/o5kPfZnwU-9YPZxE8gatew

Thank you to the staff and families that have already donated!

Nuestra recaudación de fondos, Apelación al Fondo Anual, inicia en septiembre y concluye el 15 de noviembre. Esta es nuestra primera gran recaudación de fondos del año. El objetivo de esta recaudación es de $ 100,000. Su donación a este fondo proporciona un programa educativo de calidad para su/s estudiante/s, nuevo plan de estudios y materiales, capacitación del personal, ayuda financiera y muchas otras iniciativas. Un donativo mínimo de $25 por familia es requerido. De no realizar una donación a más tardar 15 de noviembre del 2019, se le facturará a la familia un cargo de $50. Puede optar por hacer un solo donativo o comprometerse a hacer la donación mensual. Considere hacer una donación de $25 al mes por un periodo de diez (10) meses lo cual será una donación total de $250. Todas las donaciones son deducible de impuestos. Puede hacer una donación facilmente en el siguiente enlace: https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/o5kPfZnwU-9YPZxE8gatew ¡Gracias al personal y a todas las familias que han donado!

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Rules Regarding Volunteering and Attending Field Trips!

All adults who volunteer with (or around) children must complete a 3 hour Virtus class and a background check. We are being very strict about enforcing this so NO parent/family member will be allowed to go on field trips without a cleared background check and being current on their Virtus class, even if you are not officially a chaperone. It is easy to take care of this requirement, so if you intend to volunteer as a chaperone or just want to be a part of a field trip or volunteering at the school, please get these items taken care of. The class is good for 3 years!! Here is a list of upcoming classes in the area and the background check is completed online, when you register for your class:

10-24-19 Holy Cross Catholic Church, Tacoma @ 5:30 PM

10-26-19 St. Joseph Catholic Church, Tacoma @ 10:00 AM

Go to virtus.org to register for a class and complete your background check.

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Conferences...Have You Signed Up Yet?

If spots are full, please email the teacher directly.


Ms. Wendy (Pre-K 3): https://signup.com/go/VjrwkYA

Ms. Patty (Pre-K 4): https://signup.com/go/iQRESJU

Ms. Raquel (Kinder-A): https://signup.com/go/FQujWZg

Ms. Sonia (Kinder-B): https://signup.com/go/ijUbrBa

Mrs. Farias/Ms. Juliet (1/2 English): https://signup.com/go/VOXHhJK

Mrs. Williams (1/2 Spanish): https://signup.com/go/VQgZiNQ

Mrs. Allen (3/4 English): https://signup.com/go/UwwzfhR

Mr. Rodriguez (3/4 Spanish): https://signup.com/go/kMKjYai

Mrs. Donoso (5th Homeroom, Middle School Science and SS): https://signup.com/go/GizgesD

Mr. Ivan (6/7 Homeroom, Middle School Spanish and Math): https://signup.com/go/yzDOeEm

Mr. Farias (8th Homeroom, Middle School Rel and Lang Arts): https://signup.com/go/pPLChVr

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Parent-Teacher Conferences (Noon Dismissal)

Thursday, Oct. 24th, 12pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Extended Care is available for the regular fee.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Noon Dismissal)

Friday, Oct. 25th, 12pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Extended Care is available for the regular fee.

Harvest Festival

Sunday, Oct. 27th, 1pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Contact Nina Tatum, our Social Chair, if you would like to volunteer for this event! Her email is: ntatum@holyrosarybilingual.org.

Bellarmine Prep High School Information Night

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 6pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Join Bellarmine Prep's Principal Cindy Davis and a few other friends from Bellarmine as they host an informational night for all parents (and students).The evening will be in both English and Spanish (thank you Patrea Fernandez). It is never too early to get ready for high school! :)

Veterans Day - No School

Monday, Nov. 11th, 8am-3pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Picture Retake Day

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 8am

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Hispanic Heritage

Saturday, Nov. 16th, 6pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA