Legisltive Branch

The legislative Makes laws and can steer governing actions. Legislaters are parliment and congress,house of representetivs has 435 elected members,and 50 states have two per states. 6 non-voting members for the district of columbia. 17 senate committees. 70 sub committees and 23 House committees , with 104 sub committees.

Executive Branch

This branch is in charge of making sure laws are obey ed by the U.S. In this branch they have the President and the Vice president. The President gets help from the Vice President and the heads of department (called Cabinet members), and heads of independent agencies. Their order is to help officers and of the executive mange the operations within the federal branch

Judicial branch

The third branch of government is the judicial branch. The judiciary is made up of courts supreme, circuit, the magistrate (local) and municipal (city) courts.The judicial branch interprets the laws. The state judges are elected by the citizens rather then being appointed.

What would happen if one of the branches collapsed /legislative/executive/judicial

  • we would not laws
  • if one person does not agree than they would just send it back
  • if someone buys something and someone buys it to than they would have to go to court and the judge would have to decide who would get it