CLAS Web Hosting

For Faculty and Staff

CLAS IT Initiative

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the latest initiative by the CLAS IT Department. Faculty and Staff now have the opportunity to create their own website using tools like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal by using the Softaculous Auto Installer.

CLAS IT is also proud to announce the CLAS IT Resource Center. Student workers have been hired and trained by CLAS IT to offer assistance to faculty and staff on getting started with cPanel. cPanel is the tool that gives users the ability to manage their website with ease. Installations, backups and maintenance can all be done with a friendly user interface.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I begin?

2. Does the CLAS IT department have a preference on how I create my website?

  • We are suggesting WordPress as it has an intuitive user interface and is suitable for the largest number of users.

3. I have experience with creating websites or have hired someone to do it for me. Is WordPress my only option?

  • You have the freedom to choose. CLAS IT is advertising WordPress more heavily due to the ease of use. If you go with a more complex solution, we'll know it is because you have the skill set to do so.

4. Do I have to purchase my own domain?

  • CLAS IT strongly encourages doing so. When you purchase your own domain name, it is your property. If you choose not to purchase your own domain name and want one provided for you, it will be in the following format: <vuusername>