Autism Can't Stop Me Now

By Lauren Ventrella

Dates of Importance

Temple Grandin was born on August 29th 1947, Temple was diagnosed with Autism in 1950. As well as her father feeling PETTY of her, She then went to school and learned like other children. Temple did get expelled from junior high and she had to go to school in 1961. She also created a simpler dip vat for the cattle 1975 Temple today is at Colorado state 2015.

Rejection is Key

Steps to persevere Temple Grandin

  1. Being rejected (diagnosed with autism)
  2. Get up and stand tall
  3. Be bullied
  4. Get up and stand
  5. Crumble by words
  6. Stand up Standing Strong
  7. Peruse your dreams

Adversity's Faced

Temple had a problem having autism but her mother gave her an answer. To persevere and to achieve her dreams no matter what anyone thinks about her. From being bullied to be bias about women's rights she still PERSEVERANCE, Temple gained acceptance through hard work and she really INSPIRES me.

To Believe

1950 Temple is diagnosed with autism, She had panic attacks as well as some unusual behavior. Temple's father didn't ADHERE to Temple and The cold war began and was very frightening,The way Temple is today with her photographic memory and thee way to control herself is amazing. As well as the pressure and stress she put's on herself when she gets upset.
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