Alexander Used To Be Rich!

(Last Sunday)!!!

My Student

My student is Nguyen and she is from Vietnam. Her English language proficiency is in the entering stage. She has no formal education. Because she had no form education, she struggles to grasp any basic concepts and content, such as her reading and writing skills. She is also in pre-k.


This activity helps me to better understand what words in a book can be vague and will enhance my skills in the areas of reading. If students are unable to understand important words, how are they able to understand the story? This information will improve my teaching techniques, which will positively impact the learning experiences of my students.

Sunday and Rich

I want my students to know what Sunday and Rich is because these two words are very integrated into the book. These two words are also very absract and they are not concrete items. So when the ELL are learning these words, it is hard to visualize what Sunday and Rich is. I feel like rich in the English language has multiple meanings, so it is important for them to know what rich means in this context.

Meanings of Rich

Flash Cards

- Words will be written on the flash cards (like Sunday and Rich)

- Students will draw pictures on the back

For the book, I as the teacher will make sure that the ELL student will draw something money related on the back of the flash card of rich.


Sunday by Emily