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What does genre mean?

Genre is a style, for example a style of music - rock, classical, pop etc. Take a look at my Popplet.
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What are the elements of gothic genre?

In the gothic genre there are certain elements, see my Popplet.
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What is a play?

A play is different from a novel. In a play there are characters, different settings, stage directions and acts. A play is written to be performed on a stage. A novel has paragraphs of writing but in a play we have characters speaking.

What are my thoughts so far about the setting, the characters, the plot of the play?

I think the setting and the plot are quiet scary and that the characters will be very original.


The prologue is set in the Arctic and actually happens at the end of the play.

During a cold winter night, Captain Walton is on a ship. Captain Walton and the sailors couldn't go further North, because the ice had closed them in.

They heard two voices in the empty air. Captain Walton began to suspect that there were ghosts in the air.

The man on the sledge is huge and hideous, I think this is the monster. He is crying in revenge. There is a man on foot and he is crying in pain, I think this must be Frankenstein because he is suffering.

Act 1

The Prologue ends with Frankenstein beginning to tell us his story.

Frankenstein is a bit mysterious and excited. Clerval is his best friend and tries to make jokes. We are in a science laboratory.

Frankenstein and Clerval talk about Frankenstein's new invention.

There must be something strange going on because we see body parts in the room.

Elizabeth came to Frankenstein's room. Elizabeth is his cousin. His father is very ill.

Once the lightning strikes the monster is born.

The monster is enormously tall and powerfully built. His open eyes are hideous,red- rimmed, and glaring in a waxy yellow face. His lips are black, scars crisscross his cheeks, and his face is framed with matted black hair. He is naked to the waist. Ha wears nothing but simple trousers.

Act 1 ends with the monster running out of the room.

At first Frankenstein is happy to see his monster come alive but then he is scared and runs away.

Act 2

The monster has been running and has found a simple cottage in the forest. A rough table, a couple of rough chairs, a simple fireplace and some food on the table. He eats the food and when he hears some sounds, he hides. I think the monster is scared and has been chased by people and dogs because he is so strange and ugly.

Act 3

William who is Frankenstein's brother was dead because the monster killed him.

Act 4

Two years past


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Some questions

My creation

What makes a real human being?

I think that the most important thing for being a human is to have a heart and a brain because if we don't have a heart we can't live and also we won't have any feelings.

Who is evil in the play and who is good?

Frankenstein is an evil person because he made an ugly monster and didn't care about him. However he is like a substitute parent for the monster. So if he was taking care of the monster, the monster would have been a good person.