CUIN6320 Project Reflection

Digital Storytelling

What is the CUIN 6320 assignment you are most proud of? Why?

I am most proud of my digital storytelling assignment because it displays an accumulation of my knowledge as a mathematics teacher, information I have learned in this course, and my creativity. I spent many hours working on this project.
V Pabon Digital Storytelling

What did you learn by doing this assignment?

I learned how to use Windows Live Movie Maker to create movies using graphics, animations, and audio. Click here to read my reflection on creating this digital storytelling project.

How might you improve what you did/created for this assignment?

If I were going to improve this assignment, I would add a music file to the background. I would also record parts of the script over to make it sound more professional.

How might you implement the technology used in this assignment in the future?

In the future, I might use the Windows Live Movie Maker program to create more instructional videos for my classroom. I would create videos that align with my classroom mathematics objectives so that my students could view the videos from home.

Any other general course reflections you want to share?

I chose to complete this reflection in the digital flyer program called Smore. I did this to improve my knowledge and understanding of this Web 2.0 program.