My Future Career

By, Cydnee Inmon

What career am I following?

In my future I want to see myself working backstage for a production on Broadway or all across the nation! Either managing things on the stage and back, or being sure the actors have in their hands what they need. I want to run behind the show and awe audiences at every turn. I would like to follow the career of a director/ theatre technician.

What is a director/ theatre technician?

First off a director is the one in charge of everything backstage. they handle finances, actors, and are the ones that hire the techies. below them is the stage manager that basically does their job, except the finances.

Secondly, a theatre technician or a techie isn't the one who handles the electrics, they are the ones that make everything happen! they are the ones running around backstage making props, positioning scenery, controlling lights, sound, costume- whew! there's a lot back there!

There are a few groups to put them in, first we have the costume crew, they design, assign, organize and handle all the costumes for the actors. it is basically their job to be sure the actors don't go out naked! Secondly, we have makeup crew. No, they don't just sit back and do their makeup, they have to make the actors look like their characters! they handle the makeup, design the looks, and basically be sure the spider doesn't go out looking like a dog! Thirdly, we have the props team. they paint, buy, draw, organize, and create all the props for the show! If the actors hold it, they make it. Fourth, we have the lights and sound crew. they make the big booms and bright lights after an explosion, or the quiet music during a love scene. The lights crew handle all the lights, while the sound crew organizes the sounds. I could keep going, but i think you get the jist.

Where can i get the education needed?

Well, in order actually be hire for this type of job, I have to have a bachelors degree in fine arts or the specific jobs needed.

A college that i found to be pretty promising is Clark University. yes it is pretty expensive, but keep in mind it is a private school. tuition is about $40,000 books are around $800, and housing is $7,800. yeah its a lot, but i can easily get the education i need. and, on a more personal requirement, it is very LGBT friendly! They accept loans and scholarships, and well, a lot of other stuff. it seems to be a pretty great place to get my education needed.

Basically, i want to work backstage, and can go to Clark university. what else is there to say?!