Safe Practices for Online Dating

Courtney Gavurnik and Elisa Godoy

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Interested in online dating? Well this is the place for you. Here you will find relevant, accurate, and timely information about how to safely meet people. This is not just tips for dating safely, but rather a comprehensive solution for decreasing the negative connotations associated with online dating.

We provide a safer environment with less stigma. You find happiness.

So, how do you be safe?

About us

Our mission is to decrease the stigma set on online dating. This will be done by providing helpful, accurate messages about safe practices to follow when using the Internet to date.

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Online Dating Safety - Romance Scams

This Issue's Tips

1. Research a reputable site

2. Don't give out any personal information while chatting online. Even small details can lead to serious problems down the road.

3. Schedule a time to meet up. Often if a person is genuinely interested in a relationship, they will find time in their calendar for you.

4. Meet in a public place.

5. Go on multiple dates before sharing vulnerable information

6. Be honest yourself, relationships are only successful if there is good communication.

7. Keep an open mind, often dates will not go anywhere. Positivity and realistic expectations are key.

8. Only use your first name on these sites. (Never underestimate the power of search engines. By giving your last name, you are giving out a lot of other information).

9. Don't give your phone number out right away. Establish trust, and then share your digits.

10. You can even try out multiple different sites at once, each one has different benefits. Online dating is not one size fit all.

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