Summit Lakes Weekly Bulletin

September 17th, 2023

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September 18th

  • Cross Country Meet: 4:00pm @ Paul Kinder MS
  • Girls Volleyball A/B Game: 4:00pm @ Martin City MS
  • Girls Volleyball C Game: 5:15pm @ East Trails MS

September 19th

  • Football Pictures: 3:30pm
  • New York Trip Meeting: 6:30pm - 7:30pm

September 20th

  • Falcon Fan Day
  • Cross Country Meet: 4:00pm @ Home
  • Girls Volleyball A/B Game: 4:00pm @ Belton MS
  • Girls Volleyball C Game: 6:15pm @ Belton MS

September 23rd

  • Girls Volleyball A/B Tournament: 8:30am @ East Trails & Pleasant Lea MS

September 25th

  • Cross Country Meet: 4:00pm @ Belton HS
  • Girls Volleyball A/B Game: 4:00pm @ Home
  • Girls Volleyball C Game: 6:15pm @ New Mark MS
  • D-League Volleyball Games: 4:00pm - 6:00pm @ East Trails

September 26th

  • Cross Country Meet: 4:00pm @ Ray-Pec HS
  • Football B Game: 4:00pm @ Home
  • Football C Game: 4:00pm @ Home

September 27th

  • Cross Country Meet: 4:00pm @ Bingham MS
  • Girls Volleyball C Game: 4:00pm @ Home
  • D-League Volleyball Games: 5:00pm - 7:30pm @ Home

September 28th

  • Volleyball Pictures: 3:30pm
  • Football A Games: 4:00pm @ Home

A Message From Dr. Mitchell

Good afternoon SLMS families,

I am always proud and appreciative of the support our SLMS community demonstrates throughout the year. This year’s fundraiser is a perfect example of our community rallying together. Thank you for your contributions to this year’s fundraiser as we were able to exceed our goal of $40,000 by reaching almost $50,000! These funds will help support our annual goal to supply all SLMS students with a free, full-color yearbook in addition to supporting student activities such as field trips, recognitions and celebrations, Falcon Fan Days, and many others. Thank you again to our entire Falcon community for your support!

Throughout the start of the school year, all classes have invested a great deal of time establishing routines and procedures as well as creating a positive classroom culture. Now that we are progressing more into the content in each subject area, the topic of grading begins to become more prevalent.

We are fast approaching the end of the first Trimester. The first 6-week period officially closes on 9/29. Sixth-grade students impacted by the change will begin their second 6-week rotation on Monday, 10/2. New schedules will be distributed to only those students during their final class on the 29th. While the schedule changes only impact our 6th grade students, this is a great time for all families to check in on their child’s academic progress via PowerSchool.

There are several ways to support academic success while at the middle school. Below are five of the key areas that aid in students experiencing success during their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years:

1. Consistent attendance is one of the top success factors for our students. It is important to be in school unless students have a legitimate reason (like an illness) for being absent. When absences are unavoidable students should:

· Be responsible for their missed work and obtain all missed assignments due to absences either from their teacher(s) or via Schoology.

· All missed work must be submitted in a timely fashion. As per the SLMS handbook, students have two school days for each day absent to submit assignments to their teacher.

· If students are absent on the day of a test or quiz or on the day a project is due, be prepared to take the test or turn in the project on the day you return. To avoid further missed instruction, we do not expect students to take a make-up test or quiz during class time because this will put them an additional day behind. Instead, see your teacher to make an appointment to attend testing center.

2. Class Participation: Along with consistent attendance, participation in class is key to student learning and effectively retaining what has been learned. Paying attention, participating in question and answer sessions, and advocating for yourself when you need help definitely supports student learning. To maximize participation, please remember to bring Chromebooks fully charged as we only have a limited number of loaner Chromebooks.

3. Be Organized. Keeping track of assignments, using your school planbook by writing assignments and class work down each day helps to organize what needs to be accomplished.

4. Homework or academic practice. While homework can be overwhelming, it does serve a valuable purpose in helping with further learning. Teachers are cognizant of students' time demands both from school as well as out-of-school commitments. More often than not, if students utilize their time during the school day, including advisory, the amount of daily homework should be manageable.

5. Monitor your progress by reviewing missed homework and grades on Powerschool. Powerschool and Schoology are valuable resources for students and parents/guardians. Schoology is the primary location to seek assignment information. Powerschool is your best resource for up-to-date grade information and is where report cards are generated from.

Thank you for all you do to support SLMS and your middle school child.


David Mitchell, Ed.D.

Principal, SLMS


In the coming week, you will be receiving your child’s NWEA MAP® Growth™ Student Progress Report, which reflects his/her academic achievement in math and ELA as measured by the Fall 2023 NWEA Growth test. These tests were recently completed in math and ELA classrooms. This assessment is one piece of information that helps teachers to determine your child’s instructional level and measure their academic growth throughout the school year. This information also helps parents, students, and teachers see growth from year to year in the areas of reading and mathematics.

NWEA MAP Growth tests are unique in that they “adapt” to each child’s personal level of learning. That means that the more questions your child answered correctly, the more challenging questions the test offered. When your child incorrectly answered a question, the questions that followed became easier. Therefore, your child’s assessment was specifically created for his or her learning level. These results will provide a more complete picture of what your child knows and is ready to learn—whether it is on, above, or below their grade level.

Your child’s MAP Growth results are represented as RIT scores. The RIT is a scale that links skills and concepts to a difficulty level spanning kindergarten through 12th grade. The scale ranges from 100 to 300, with 300 being the most difficult. Students with the same RIT score have the same instructional level regardless of their grade levels. This means that the RIT is well-suited for measuring growth across multiple years.

SLMS ELA and math teachers will be working with students to set attainable growth goals for the year related to their NWEA RIT achievement. I hope you find this report informative and I encourage you to discuss this report with your child as well as goals he or she has set for the year. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s math or ELA teacher.

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Congratulations to Mrs. Phipps who has received the first ever monthly Soaring Falcon award. She was nominated by the Falcon Staff for her continuous contributions to a positive school climate.

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Clubs - All Grades

  • Art Club: Permission slip required to attend. Permission slips will be available at the end of September.
  • Black Student Union (BSU): Tuesday 9/26 - 3:30PM - 4:30PM - Meeting dates coming soon
  • Book Club: Join the group Schoology using code 27H6-H9SQ-2KJ48
  • Chess Club: Tuesday 9/26 - 7:30AM - No permission slip or application required.
  • Club 121: Thursday 9/21 - 7:45AM - No permission slip or application required
  • Cyberpatriots: Tuesday 9/19 - 3:15 - 5:00PM
  • Embroidery Club:
  • Falcon Jazz Band: Audition information will be posted in the band room
  • Falcon Smart: Thursday 10/12 - 7:40AM - Always accepting new members! Forms can be picked up from the Falcon Smart bulletin board or Mrs. Bennett's classroom 622
  • Falconbots: Monday 9/18 & Tuesday 9/19 - 3:30PM - Permission slips found on the Falconbots website
  • GSA: Monday 9/18 - 7:35AM - Always accepting new members.
  • LSTA: Meetings start in October, and sign ups end 9/22. Sign up form here:
  • Peer Mentors: Thursday 9/21, 7:40AM (no longer accepting applications)
  • Student Council: Wednesday 9/20 - 7:30AM
  • Yearbook: More details coming soon.
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Youth Court is a diversion program designed on the concept of “positive peer pressure." The primary objective of Youth Court is and will always be to reduce incidents of juvenile offenses which are occurring in our city, as well as diverting the offending juveniles from the justice system. This provides an alternative to the Juvenile Court process, as well as allowing the offenders to take responsibility for their actions.

To apply: you must be between the ages of 13 (must turn 13 on or before May 1st) and 19 years, and be either a resident of Lee’s Summit, Missouri or attending a public, private school or home school within the R-7 School District boundaries. You must not have a juvenile record, and if selected, must be available for assignments in Court (typically the third Tuesday between 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM of every month).

Training is held locally either at one of the R-7 High Schools or at the Police Department Complex, and will be conducted by the Steering Committee members, Resource Attorneys and Judges. The training will require availability for eight consecutive two-hour training classes, and pass a bar examination. Completion of these requirements will be followed by a graduation.

For applications and further information: please contact Officer Woods or Officer Jones.

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Middle School Caregiver Letter

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