Sandro Botticelli

by Abby Peters


  • He was born in 1445, in Florence, Italy
  • He was formally educated until he was 14 years old, and his first encounter with art was when he trained with a goldsmith
  • He spent most of his time in Florence Italy
  • He found school difficult because he was extremely restless and not very social
  • Started out on the bottom and worked his way up the social ladder because of his paintings and his relations to the Medici family
  • He was a painter, Some of his most famous paintings include 'The Birth of Venus', 'Venus and Mars', 'Primavera', and 'The Return of Judith' he also illustrated the 'Divine Comedy'
  • His Patrons included the Medici Family and Tommaso Soderini

Humanism and Secularism

  • Humanism: any system of thought or action in which human interests, values, and dignity dominate
  • He showed humanism when he was determined to be a painter and worked his way up the social ladder

  • Secularism: separation between religion and daily life
  • He demonstrated secularism when most of his paintings were not oriented around religious beliefs

The Return of Judith

  • Created in 1467-1468
  • Located in a private collection
  • This painting has lots of color, correct proportion and is drawn to scale.
  • Two women are running, one with a man's head in her hands and the other with a sword. The one with the head is a servant to the other woman.
  • This painting isn't something you would expect to see in this time period because it shows people have murdered someone and haven't been caught yet.
  • This Painting exemplifies secularism because the women have no religious objects nor do they show their religion.