FUSE - Myrtle Beach

VIP - February 18, 2015

The 60 Second Show brought to you by Travis Brantley, Volunteer Coordinator

Fuse 2/19

Attendance Information for Last Week

  • 185 Total Students
  • 115 Middle School
  • 70 High School
  • 42 Volunteers
  • 10 1st Timers

Dates To Remember:

  • March 24 - First Fuse in new building!!!! I know its a little ways away but We are excited!!!!


July 27- July 31, 2015


What is Gauntlet X?

Gauntlet X marks ten years of Fuse summer trips and this is not the one that you want to miss. Roll to the beach with a few thousand of your closest friends, kick it by the pool, and spend some time learning from Pastor Perry Noble and Brad Cooper. Also bring sunscreen, definitely do that. In short, have the best week of your life.


The early bird rate for Gauntlet X is $325. The cost will increase to $375 and then $425 in the coming months. The cost for volunteers is $100.

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Current Series

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iPhones need to be plugged in to charge, and branches must be connected to a vine in order to produce fruit. In the same way, we need to be connected to Jesus to discover our

purpose and joy. John 15 says that God is the gardener, Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches. But what does that mean?

Join us at Fuse this February for our Connect series to find out what it looks like to be connected to Jesus!

Opportunity to Serve!

  • We want every volunteer to serve in the area that they feel called to. If you would ever like to try a different area a Fuse please contact Travis

Check-In Team

  • I know its going to be cold guys and I want to thank you in advance for the sacrifice of warmth.
  • We will have handwarmers for you in VHQ!!

Usher Team

  • This week once the counter stops Johnathan will be coming out.
  • We need to make sure the students are ready when the counter starts because there will not be a song after the counter.

Game Room/Lounge Team

  • Same set up as usual in the atrium.
  • Lets move the nail painting station inside the atrium.

High School Lounge Team

  • High School Lounge will be back in the hallway.
  • LEts use this time to meet the kids and no just be a place where they come get something to drink.

Field Team

  • We are opening up the side field this week for all the sports to be located there.
  • It is a dedicated space just for the sports to be taking place, in saying that make sure we are keeping eyes on students so they aren't walking off.

VHQ Team

  • VHQ will be in the main office.
  • If you are there to check in and no one is there please use the radio by the computer to let Travis know you need to check in.

Parking Team

  • We finally have a team set.
  • Thanks guys for braving the cold and making sure we are there to help the students and the parents.

Care Room Team

  • Same rooms as always.

Campus Safety Team

  • The side sports field will be open again this week. So let's create a path that includes that area on every Fuse night.
  • Please use the resource officer to help keep eyes on the areas.

Meet the Core Team for Myrtle FUSE

Johnathan Foster - Myrtle Beach Fuse Pastor

Johnathan is the Fuse Pastor here at our Myrtle Beach campus and has been here since February of this year. He was born and raised in Traveler's Rest, SC until the age of 7 when he moved to Anderson, SC. Johnathan began attending Fuse in 7th grade where he fell in love with playing Knockout and Ping Pong at Fuse every week. Over the years, Johnathan joined a Fuse group and began to do life with other students. In the summer of '08 at the Gauntlet, Johnathan surrendered his life and plans to Jesus completely. After attending college at Clemson for two years, Johnathan surrendered to Jesus's calling on his life and stepped into full-time ministry in August of 2013 at Newspring with the same ministry he attended in 7th grade. Johnathan married the stunningly beautiful Kami Foster on June 27th, whom he met at FSKO in Anderson of 2013, and is smack dab in the middle of God's plan for his life. #500

Travis Brantley - Volunteer Coordinator

Travis grew up in Matthews, NC and graduated from Western Carolina University where he met his wife, Modesty. They moved to Myrtle Beach from Charlotte 4 years ago and have two amazing kids, Jake (6) and Ella (2). Travis has been volunteering with Fuse since it's Myrtle launch in 2012. His greatest joy in serving comes from spending time with our Fuse students and the volunteers that pave the way for them to follow Jesus step by step! Aside from loving Jesus, his family, and Fuse, Travis is a die-hard Tarheels fan. (Go HEELS!)

Tori Williams - Connections Coordinator

Tori was born and raised in Conway SC. She started coming to NewSpring in December of 2012. She heard about Gauntlet and wanted to go so bad!! Tori became an owner and got to serve in Shock Wave to help launch Fuse in MB! She absolutely loves Fuse and loves students! Tori also enjoys hunting, shooting, and softball. She can't wait to see what God has in store for MB Fuse and is so grateful to be a part of it!

Hal Ruska - Fuse Group Coordinator (Boys)

Hal is 21 years old and attends Coastal Carolina University as a senior and volunteer at fuse. As a volunteer at fuse, he helps facilitate and lead fuse groups. If you have any questions or would like to start a fuse group contact Hal at 843-742-3980. The reason Hal serves is to see students far from God discover the hope and joy of Jesus Christ! Also to encourage, build relationships and help students with their walk.

Ginger McCreight - NewServe Coordinator

Born and raised in small town called Toccoa, Georgia

Graduated Stephens County High School in 1988

Attended Piedmont College for 2 years and also Tri-County Technical College

Moved to South Carolina in 1994

Married Tim McCreight in May of 2005 and lived in Easley SC

Two kids; Chaz Poole 15 and Ethan McCreight 15

Started NewSpring Church in August of 2007 and became owners in November of 2007.

They felt the Lord calling them to move to Myrtle Beach at the end of 2011, so they moved to MB in February 2012 and got to be a part of the launching of the Myrtle Beach campus.

God has been so great and faithful to her and her family. Currently own a cleaning business and is a hostess part-time at Surf's Diner. She loves her church and being a part of the Fuse Core Group. She has a passion for teenagers and loves being a part of helping and watching people's life change when they meet Jesus.

Trey Mintz - Production/Lighting Coordinator

Name: Frederick Mintz the III

Birth Date: 07/24/1990

School: Conway High Class of 2009 // Played Soccer, Football, and Wrestling.

Born in Conway South Carolina and have been here pretty much his entire life

Occupation: NewSpring Production Coordinator/ Lighting Coordinator // Fuse Coordinator // That Guy Coordinator.

Engaged to Sommer Dawn Norris

Fuse Group Leader with Walker Kennard, Dave Weeden, Drew McCann, and Brandon MacDonold

Went to HGTC for 2 and a half years under business and market.

Favorite Food..... Yes

Love long walks on the beach

Getting caught in the rain...

Drinking a Pina Coloda (Virgin) of course.... Keeping it christian

He goes by Trey.... Not Frederick... Not Freddy... Not Red... Or Eric... not even Dick... Just Trey

Stephen Jordan - Worship Coordinator

Stephen was born on January 25th, 1993 in Myrtle Beach, SC. He accepted Christ at the age of 4, and grew up in a Christian School all through his high school career. Stephen was a 4 time state champion in basketball and soccer at Christian Academy. He graduated from CA in the year 2011, and went off to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Ocean’s Edge School Of Worship to major in electric guitar. Stephen has been playing guitar for 9 years and singing for 5. His lifelong dream is to tour the world playing music in a band. In 2012, Stephen began attending NewSpring in Myrtle Beach in the early stages of its existence. He interned for 2 semesters and was hired on in September of 2013 as the Myrtle Beach Fuse Worship Leader. Shortly after, on November 2nd, he married the love of his life, Kayla Nicole Jordan. Stephen and Kayla enjoy serving with each other in the band on Sundays and Wednesdays, leading people in worship and using their gifts to further the gospel through NewSpring Church.

Random Fact: If you ever want to make Stephen very happy, buy him Edward’s Key Lime Pie (It’s his ultimate favorite dessert on the planet)!

Lauren Newman- School Lunch Outreach Coordinator / Fuse Pastor Assistant (FUSE Intern)

Birthday: August 8, 1991

Hometown : Sumter

School: Coastal Carolina University

Lauren Is 23 years old and a Senior at Coastal Carolina University! As the School lunch coordinator she contacts all schools and volunteers so that Fuse can occupy all lunches by reaching students far from God in their setting; giving the volunteers the opportunity to teach them how to follow Jesus step by step. And as assistant she just does whatever is needed to help Fuse! If you are interested in joining the school lunch outreach team, please give her a call or send her a quick email! She would LOVE to hear from you!