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Nov 14


Hands on learning helps students learn math concepts. Students should regularly be working with hands on tools during math. Regular work at the concrete stage is what leads to understanding at the representational and abstract stage. Also, hold students accountable to using their manipulative experiences by applying their manipulative use to their independent work.

I say: A manipulative on every desk. Manipulative use and access should be evident during math instruction in each room.

Look For's Next Week

Manipulative use during math

Learning Targets that match the instruction

UPcoming EventS

Nov 15 (Saturday morning) PTA Fall Festival 10-1

Nov 17 Brittany Hudnall baby shower in Good's room 315

Nov 18 Career Day Dress Up for K-2 students

Nov 18 College Exploration for grades 3-5

Nov 19 Playbook Day 315

Nov 19 Flu mist vaccine administered to students who turn in permission slip (in teacher's lounge to begin approx 10am)

Nov 20 PTA Meeting 600pm(4th and 5th grade performs) and Book Fair

Nov 26-28 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 8 Lincoln Financial Advisor available in teacher's lounge 11-1

Dec 10 Surry Siren Test scheduled

Dec 19 PTA Teacher's Breakfast 730AM

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This is what independent math work should like like. Hold students accountable to showing their work and applying their concrete and representational work to their independent work. In this picture, a student in Ms.Feick's class is showing her thinking. Her teacher will gladly accept this work.
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Sanford is the SUMDOG champion of NNPS. We were introduced to SUMDOG the past two weeks. Teachers in grades 1-5 should explore SUMDOG and sign up for the free math version. The kids really liked it and the math questions are leveled as the students get questions right or wrong.

NNPS SUMDOG results:

1. Steigleman 2. Olson 3. Teacher at Carver

NNPS Individual Students

1. Nora Correiro 2. Leianna G. 3. Emma R. (top 3 students in the city--all from Sanford); plus we had the 4th, 8th, and 10th place finisher.

As you can see, Sanford is like the SEC in football as we dominate the top 10 with six out of the top 10 students :)