The New World Trade Center

Abby Kaiser

The Meaning Behind the New WTC

The new WTC is 1,776 feet high to represent the year of our country's Independence. This is the tallest building in the United States.
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The Components of the New WTC

  • The 408- foot antenna on the tip of the building has a rotating beacon
  • Their is 104 floors, 103-104 and 89-99 will be mechanical
  • Floors 100-102 is public space
  • The Offices are on floors 65-88 and 20-63
  • The Sky Lobby is on floor 64
  • The base is floors 1-19

Facts about the new World Trade Center

  • It costs $3.6 billion to rebuild the WTC- $1,200 per square foot
  • They can build one office floor per week
  • There is a glass enclosure at the height of tower 1