Trepa Times

Week Twelve

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Staff Agenda for Monday

  • Team Building Activity/Sharing
  • PTA Wish List activity/PTA information
  • SWIS data sharing
  • Grant Proposals, Procedures, and Deadlines
  • School Improvement Plan and the TLC connection

Come prepared to share one positive story from your classroom. Perhaps a student that had been struggling had a breakthrough this week. Maybe you observed another classroom and were able to implement some the ideas you got from observing in your own classroom. Maybe a student shared with you how much they admire you and want to grow up to be just like you! There will be an opportunity to share these stories yourself. However, if you are a bit shy, no worries. You can write them on a note card and I will share for you! They can remain anonymous or not. The choice is yours.

Wish lists

Part of Monday's staff meeting will consist of prioritizing a list of "wants" that we have as a staff. We are fortunate to have a PTA that wants to be sure we have not only what we need, but also allows us to "wish" for things, too!

It would be helpful if you jotted down a few ideas prior to Monday so that when we are compiling a building wide list and prioritizing, we aren't having to brainstorm ideas as well. So, you're homework for the weekend is to come up with a wish list of your own to bring to the staff meeting. Look at it like you are a kid again...compiling your list for Santa!

Labels for Education Catalog. Our building has 27,000 points to spend. Start making your lists!

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Time to help out our team members!

It has come to my attention that our lunchroom supervisors could use our assistance. Please reinforce the lunchroom procedures with your students and demonstrate your support for the lunchroom supervisors with your students as well. Some students have shared with their parents that "the teachers think we're fine, so I don't know why they get so mad at us!" We need to demonstrate a united front. Perhaps you could share with your students that if you receive a positive report from the lunchroom supervisors, then they will receive something special in the classroom. Be sure to list specific behaviors we are looking for: ARMOR and what each one would look like in the lunchroom.

Your support is GREATLY appreciated! Go TEAM!

ST Math

JiJi's Tip of the Month: Develop students' mathematical communication skills and justifications of reasoning by discussing ST Math puzzle solutions. Make practice standards connections by asking open-ended questions during individual play and by incorporating ST Math into classroom instruction. Be sure to participate in our JiJi Believer contest as another way to get students talking about how JiJi supports math success!

If you haven't already done so, assign homework in order for your students to access JiJi and catch up over the holidays. Click for homework instructions and parent letters.

Happy JiJi-ing!

Gina McHugh
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Julie's Schedule

Monday 3:30 Staff Meeting

6:00 p.m. Board presentation

7:00 p.m. Orchestra concert

Tuesday Toys for Tots Assembly in the a.m.

7:00 p.m. Band concert

Wednesday-Friday Gone to NCTM