Andrew Jackson is a ZERO

Andrew is a zero because he shut down the national bank

Why anderw jackson a ZERO

Anderw jackson is a zero because first he closed the national bank because it only loaed to the rich and not to the common mans dose. the Indian removal act where an area any body can stayed and it wasn't the Indian land, but Andrew Jackson didn't care he said move it anyway. So it didn't listen to the people.

Trails Of Tears

When the Andrew Jackson told the Indians to move to Mississippi they did and they. the Cherokee on they way the food run art so they were hungry, they had disease thousand of Cherokee died because of Andrew Jackson know as trail of tears

Jackson Cartoon picture

The picture on the lefts showed that Andrew Jackson the president is dress as a king. WHY?! Because people thing that president are like king so he was treated as a king. Mostly everyday but that the bad because he not a king he did lots of bad stuff in the past. for example trail of tears

What Jackson did in Indian removal act

Andrew Jackson forced the Indians to move to the west because he wanted the Indians lands ,but they still didn't move to the west. Andrew Jackson said that he would protect them, give them food, help them, ect. But Andrew Jackson gave them a little food and a little helps but that wasn't good enough. so hundred Indian die. then the trail of tears came.

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency