Week of May 27th...

LA Staff News


Monday: Memorial Day--No School

Tuesday: 19-20 Planning Starts at 9 AMish (See Art's email)

Wednesday: PE Scores due in Inform for 9th graders (Art)

Thursday: Student MacBook Turn-In

Friday: No breakfast

No lunch

Dismissal at 11:50

Retirement and 18-19 Farewell Lunch at 12:00.

Upcoming dates to note:

Please find a way to unplug and unwind this summer. Ignore the emails, texts, and do what recharges your batteries! Please send me a pic of something you did this summer so I can share with everyone! :)

Staff Check-out List

Please make sure the following items have been completed prior to you leaving on Friday:

  • NEE: You have submitted your PDP, UOI, and had your summative meeting with Melissa.
  • Grades: Have grades completed by 11 AM. No dashes should be in the gradebook. Anything changed after this date will require a grade change form.
  • Print gradebooks (both semesters) and turn in to Debi. Here is a video how to do so!
  • Feedback for me: Complete the administrator feedback form (I emailed on May 12th).
  • If I have talked to you about a student survey, have 10 students take that for you. The survey is open through Friday, but the sooner the better.

And, anything you can do to tidy up the building for summer cleaning would be greatly appreciated. Example: Put smaller things in cabinets, etc so that when they empty out spaces to deep clean it is easier for them.

Retirement and 18-19 Farewell Lunch

Let's gather together after the students leave to celebrate Robin's career at Liberty Academy and all the good things from 18-19! We have purchased chicken from Raising Canes. If you would like to bring a side to round out our celebration, please sign up!