An interview with Mrs.Taylor

By; Brycen DeTavernier


She teaches math and also next year she will teach math at a higher level. She will also be a dancing coach for the school. She has a degree in math and a coaching degree so she can be a dancing coach. She's been teaching for about 4 years.

Extra Facts/things she says to me.

She is only 26. She was married but now divorced. She is talking to someone rich.She has a son and a daughter. The boys name is jackson and the girls name is Alice. Jackson is one of my bestfriends.

Something about one of the Best Teacher

Grade levels taught would be 9th and she is able to go up to 11th. Classes taught is only math but next year she will be able to coach dancing. Description of the classroom would be pretty quiet and very smelly in a good way though.Teaching strategies she gives them candy if they were good and if they are bad they will boot be able to sit where they want and they will probably get written up. Hours per a week would be about 55hrs because of all the extra work she puts in to make her class fun and a great learning place.Biggest challenge to teach a hard subject although most of it pretty hard.Biggest reward seeing all the student learn something new at the end of the day/year.Self motivation well she gets a lot of motivation from me because i tell her how good of a teacher she is.