Poles, Domains, Properties, Force and Fields

Magnetic Poles

  • The ends of magnets are called poles
  • Magnet effect is strongest at poles
  • North Pole
  • South pole

Magnetic Force

  • Produced when poles interact
  • The attraction or repulsion between magnets
  • Force-Push or pull that causes an object to move

Magnetic interactions

  • Poles that are unlike attract
  • Pole that are alike repel
  • N-S and S-N attract
  • S-S and N-N repel
Magnetic Poles

Properties of Magnets

  • Attracted to iron
  • Attraction/repulsion to other magnets
  • Points north when swinging freely

Magnetic Fields

  • The area around a magnet with force
  • Strong field-Lines close together
  • Weak force-Lines far apart
  • Strongest at the poles

Magnetic Domains

  • Atoms face in same direction which creates magnetism
  • Magnetism depends on the structure of the atoms

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