A few tips and tricks to take from the impromptus


Organize your ideas into some kind of structure or pattern, such as

  • Topical
  • Spatial
  • Chronological/sequential
  • Before & after
  • Pros vs cons
  • PREP - Point Reason Example Point
  • 5 Ws - who what when where why (how)
  • Story/fable

Graft that structure onto a simple INTRO - BODY - CONCLUSION template

Whatever your topic and no matter the speaking occasion, aim to offer the audience a clear intro and conclusion, with the body organized according to the pattern you've selected.

No matter what, offer a CONCLUSION

At a total loss for words? Tell a story.


The audience doesn't know when you've made a mistake or gone off script. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and continue with your presentation as planned.

Choose and use visuals wisely

Visual aids should complement/enhance your talk, not distract from or undermine your message (or your authority and credibility as a speaker).
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